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Friday, April 11, 2014

Hey hey hey, it's Fri-i-i-day!

The past couple of weeks have seen some much needed progress around the house.  A little break did wonders and things are happening (sorry, they are all instagram photos).

First up, this glorious Degas Dancers canvas print from Anewall.  I mean, honestly, my heart skipped a beat or two when I saw it.  This beauty is going to grace one of the walls in the dining room.  I am hoping to send it to the framers next week, you'll be sure that there will be a post dedicated to this as soon as it's up on the wall.

HomeSense never disappoints when it comes to accessories.  It's definitely what I consider to be my "go to" store for this very reason.  New seashell votive holder = fabulous.

Speaking of HomeSense, welcome to the living room aka my HomeSense showroom, ha!  But really....the coffee table, the bench, the art, the mirror, the lamp, the sidetables, all HomeSense purchases.  And now, you can add this stunning Colin + Justin gold stool (meant for outdoors, but it's staying indoors here) to that list.  I've had my eye on this gorgeousness for at least a month, checking back every few days and hoping it was still there.  Why I didn't buy it at first, no clue, but it got to the point that I'd panic if it wasn't in the same spot that it was the previous time I visited the store.  So I finally bit the bullet and bought it....I luuuuuuuv it you guys, love!  I've since moved it onto the rug, slightly in front of the couch.  You see, I'm that person who loves to have a sidetable beside a chair/couch, this is basically how I choose where I'm going to sit in a room. I prefer to place my drink on the side vs the front of me.  Weird, I know, but true.

You know I have a huge love for Stephanie's prints, which are available in her shop, SSprintshop.  I've loved this "love" print forever and can finally call it mine!  It's perfect for this space and coordinates so well with kiddo 1's grade 1 masterpiece (behind it).

Now back to the living room.  That space behind the couch, I'm now wondering if I should take on the ever so popular ikea hack (as seen here in Jen's #rocktherental post) of the Vittsjo etagere?  I do love the look and it's the right height & width.  Thinking yes.  But do I go with the single one and have one here and another on the opposite wall or do I go with the wider one and only have the one on this wall?  Decisions.

And back to HomeSense.  This pot was just right for this spot.  A little moss and a beautiful faux bloom (also HomeSense) and tada, great spring pick me up!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!



  1. That gold stool!!!! It's gorgeous. You are so lucky it was still there when you went back for it. I've missed out on things that I regret not buying the first time I saw them.

  2. Love all of the soft touches! What is the color of the walls? I'm looking to do a similar look in our living room and LOVE the paint color!!


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