The Kitchen Dilemma. Is It Even A Dilemma?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

You know when you've waiting for something for so long and then when it comes time to get it, you get cold feet?  Yeah, such a problem for me!

Anyhow, here's the issue.  We have this nook, which is across from the kitchen table.  We wanted to put in a workspace.  A place where we can place a computer, primarily for the kids to use.  We can then easily monitor their activities but not only that, we can easily help them with homework, etc.  The kitchen is the hub in our house, no doubt and we like it that way.   So the plan was to place a desk height counter (though now I'm wondering, do I want it to be higher???) with drawers on the bottom (might decide to go with a drawer and a large cabinet beneath it for the bottom, on either side), then four cabinets with glass fronts for uppers.

The problem.  The space is pretty tight.  The counter would be approx 18" deep and that would leave about 3.5' when the kitchen table chair and the workspace chair are both pushed in, not bad, but not great either.  However you basically couldn't pass through if someone was sitting at the workspace and another person at the kitchen table.  The chairs don't back on to one another, they are offset, but the shoulders of the people sitting in either chair would be personal space invaded close.

So we are now wondering, is this a big deal, or is it something we can get used to?  Is it one of those situations when you want something so bad, that even though the issue is a big deal, you think you can work with it, but in reality, your decision making skills have been warped because you just really really really want it to work.  Or is it one those "why did I even think it would be an issue" situations.  Maybe it's a bit of both???

Here's a pic.

Note: I placed the chairs to mimic the amount of space that the drawers would take up.  The chair for the workspace would go where the cabinet is.  The cabinet is about the same depth as the proposed countertop depth and the left edge of it is almost in line with the outer edge of the kitchen table, such a wonky angle, I'm sorry:

(you can see the pot drawer fronts that need to be changed in this pic)

And here's the inspiration pic (though I believe that this is regular counter height,which we may go with, not desk height):

So beyond gorgeous right?  The cabinet fronts are nearly the same as ours as well, so it's a really great comparison.

We are leaning towards going for it and a) just getting used to it, b) pushing the kitchen table back a bit (which would then off center the light, bugger, but not absolutely horrible), c) using the same chair for the desk and the end of the kitchen table, d) using a stool at the workspace.  But we aren't rushing to any decision.

I just wish there was a way to have it all in place, to see how it would look first!  I also have the fear that it will make the kitchen look cramped and cluttered.  I know some don't like a desk in the kitchen because it becomes a dumping zone, but that's our peninsula right now, which I do clean and organize regularly and I plan on doing the same for the workspace, it would just be great to have a designated area as long as it looks good!

The builder is supposed to be sending over some sketches of how it will all look, which I'm excited about.  Also super excited to get those pot drawer fronts switched up!

Thoughts?  Should we just forget about it and do something else with this space?  Shelving, a cabinet, sideboard?  I'd absolutely love to hear and also wanted to thank everyone for your feedback on instagram! Truly appreciate it!



  1. I would absolutely go for it. a) It will make the space look complete. b) you will get used to it. c) day to day, if you really need to, you can move the table a bit, but can always move it back for blog pics (which is the kind of junk bloggers think about!! haha).

    Also - any potential future buyers of the house will have a different table anyways right?

    (I have a dining set that while I regret for other reasons, I don't regret that we bought it so that it is too big for our skinny dining room. This isn't our forever house and sometimes you just make a decision for the long term - i.e. that probably isn't your forever table, but having that wall used for a work space is a fab forever idea.)

    That was kind of incoherent. It is way too early. Bottom line is my vote is for doing it. I think it will be a great (and gorgeous) addition.

  2. I say go for it! We had a desk in our kitchen growing up, and our desk chair backed right onto the kitchen table chairs when someone was at the desk. It never seemed to be an issue for us? I think it's just something you get used to.

  3. I also say go for it!!! It'll be so super handy for you and the kids and ultimately, having that convenience will outweigh the possibility of two people ever actually sitting at the desk and the end of the table at the same time, because, I mean, how likely is that really?


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