My Own Little Remix. Family Room Revamp Continues and Hey, Got A Question?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Good morning!

So it seems as though the family room is now officially my main focus.  I've got momentum so I have to keep at it. That being said, it's kinda taking off in a slightly different direction that I originally intended, but I'm fine with that.  It's always been about comfort and coziness and it still is my main goal, but I was either making up too many "rules" that clearly needed to be broken, or I lost every ounce of creativity when it came to this room and it was so beyond blah.

Anyhow, the furniture switcheroo helped a lot, things are feeling much better be it simply because there's been a change or because the new layout beats out the old one by a gazillion.

I spotted two carved rectangular mirrors at Homesense last week and liked them, but thought they were too "much" for the family room (see, silly rule). That's where I went wrong, the room wasn't jiving with me because I wasn't using items I loved, I was trying to make it nice in a way that wasn't my style or a decor that wasn't "me".  Lesson learned.  It's my home, go with what I love, then it will work.

So I brought the mirrors home and loved how they worked with the couch and side tables, heck, the entire room, but the colour was off.  Too tan aka not whitewash (see below for more about this and this is exactly why you don't settle, you won't get the results you're looking for if you settle).  Here's a peek at them (they look lighter in the picture than they are in real life)

You see, I'm really really really digging rooms with pieces that have a whitewash finish, lighter wood in general and touches of belgian style too.  And perhaps I always have and am only just clueing in on how great this would look in the family room?  I really don't know, but I am loving the idea.  I've also always loved french furniture & pieces, so to have touches of it in the room would be great.  And of course,vintage and antique pieces make my heart flutter.

Oh goodness. I'm so all over the place.  Sigh. This is totally going to be one of those posts that when I read it in a few weeks I'm going say "what the heck was I talking about?!". Yeah. Those posts.

A space that is light, airy, refreshing, relaxing and cozy, but not just neutrals, with pops of colour too (see, totally all over the place).  I'm craving all of the above, so it's time to put my own little remix together and create a room that works with touches of the elements seen in the photos above.   Mind you, we have the dark leather couches, not linen like in the spaces above, but we can work with it.  This is going to take some time, but we're now heading in the right direction.  My own little remix room, I like that.

I did tackle the drapes, well, one panel.  I needed to add more width to them.  Another lesson learned. I cheaped out and only bought three panels, divided one into two pieces and sewed one half onto the remaining panels.  No....I should have just bought four at the beginning.  So I had to buy a fourth, cut it in half and add it to the existing panels. What.a.pain.  They are pre-made rod pocket drapes that I converted into pinch pleat, so don't follow my lead, just buy the right amount right off the bat!

I'm also on the hunt for more gold edged agate coasters (like the ones in the photos above) so that I can frame them.  I spotted a set last week but they were gone by the time I back for them, poop.

With that!  I'm feeling the extreme need for some time off from thinking about decorating our home.  Thankfully March break is just around the corner and I will be soaking up the downtime. It's funny, being a blogger.  I sometimes wonder what on earth it is that I'm doing, perhaps it's because I'm doing what I love, at times, it feels too good to be true.  I'm so beyond thankful to have you here listening to my random thoughts about how I plan on decorating our house and that you're interested.  It means so much to me.  I hope to continue to dive into decorating and am excited to see where this path leads.  I am more than aware of how much I have to learn, but each and every time I learn something new, be it through trial and error, reading or exploring, I get excited!  I find myself one step closer.

Also, I've recently been approached by a few friends with questions about their home decor and I thank them each for reaching out and giving me the chance to help, I need the experience and that's a great way to get it!



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