Spotting Clearance Section Gems! A Simple #DIY

Monday, February 17, 2014

Last week I treated myself to a little visit to HomeSense.  I enjoy popping in to see what's new and for some inspiration.

Well, turns out that on this day, the clearance section was full of gems!  I absolutely love it when I find a great deal in the clearance section.  There are several pieces in our house that were clearance section finds and it never gets old, to find something at a steal of a deal!

First, I managed to get this amazing book for $15!  Yes, $15.  Done and done.

Then I turned the corner and spotted a piece of art that no joke, I had been wanting since I first saw it in a HomeSense preview months ago (I can't remember which one it was, probably fall/winter).  Anyhow, I guess I had missed it when it first hit the shelves because this bad boy was now marked down from $129 to $36, there must have been 4-5 red stickers layered over one another.  I mean seriously, there was no question, I was bringing it home.

I wanted to share this buy with you because it can be so easy to pass a clearance item up due to it's sometimes not-so-perfect condition, but that's the thing, you have to know when it's passed the point of no return and when all it needs is a little TLC to bring it's beauty back.  The latter was the case this time, wahoo!

So here's the before:

I covered the glass portion of the art with newspaper and taped it as closely to the edge as I could and took some flat white spray paint to the frame.  I totally removed the paper too soon and as a result, smudged the paint in some spots. So I placed a piece of card stock on the glass and butted it up against the frame and treated the spots that I had damaged.  I think I will take some paint & a brush to touch up some spots as required but otherwise, I'm super happy with the results.

And here's the after:

I could have gone even further by sanding down and filling the parts of the frame that were really nicked, but I just didn't feel the need to.  I'm super happy with the results and definitely prefer the white frame vs the wood.

I will be sharing some more photos of the entire piece once it's up on the wall!



  1. Looks great!!! I love finding deals at Homesense, and you can never go wrong with a coffee table book on sale!!

  2. I love the white frame. I too also hit up the clearance section it's amazing what gets passed up!


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