I Was Overdressed, Straightened My Hair, Switched Things Up and Vow To Wear Pattern

Monday, February 3, 2014

the petals started to fall from my fresh blooms, sad to see them go

You guys, how was your weekend? Did you watch the Superbowl?  It was kinda one sided, wasn't it?  That being said, I did enjoy indulging in a variety of dips, pizza and chicken wings, guilt free, always a plus.

So fantastic that February is here, January always feels like a long month and though there were some exciting times this January, I'm happy to have said goodbye.  Too many gloomy and overcast days and so much snow (but remember, hubs says it's a good workout, so I won't complain. ha!).

I have a few projects that I need to get done around the house this month.  I'm going to write them out and tackle each.and.every.one.  Funny how by writing your "to do's" out you feel more accountable to get them done.

Last week the builder's contractor stopped by to fix some of the items on our 1 year list, including painting the ceiling where it had leaked.  Wahoo!

I decided to shake things up a bit in the living room.  Turned the Restoration Hardware chairs to face the couch head on (a simple yet effective way to give the room a different feel) and I'm testing out frames beside the mirror.  It bothers me so much how difficult this is for me, trying to find the perfect frames.  Why so hard?!  Thank heavens for Command Picture Hanging Strips which allow me to test various frames out.  I'm liking the square frames and as long as I keep the side tables beneath the frames and place something with height on the tables, it should work well.

I don't typically wear pants with a lot of pattern on them, I find that they accentuate my legs in a negative way, but perhaps that's just because I'm not used to wearing them??? Yes, let's go with that theory.  I adore these lantern printed pants from Gap and that they were only $9 so I'm keeping them and promise to wear them out at least once. ha!

My make up vanity got a touch of gold last week thanks to this adorable print by Idea! Event Style

I decided to straighten my hair for a party we attended last weekend, I haven't straightened it since last summer and couldn't get over how long it was.  Also, Hyatt says "hi"

So we went to the before mentioned party for which the dress code was downgraded to "casual" the day before, but word of mouth was that everyone was still dressing up, so hubs and I did just that.  Word of mouth was wrong and we were kinda overdressed, but I did love a chance to wear my heels.

Tell me something, why on earth is it so painful to stay out late now?  And late being midnight?  The day after the party included a lot of this:

Today little J and I will be writing out Valentine's cards to his classmates and I'm debating heading to Home Depot to see if they have any fiddle fig trees since a few fellow bloggers have had luck finding some there.  I also need to get some more command strips since I used a million and a half yesterday testing out various frames.  I kid you not.

Happy Monday, friends!  Make it a good one.



  1. In my book, there's nothing wrong on being overdressed! As long as you feel comfortable and happy in your outfit you fit right in! ;)

  2. Always better to be overdressed than the other way around. Love your shoes btw!


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