How Do You Get What You Want?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Okay, I're probably saying "that's it?!" but stick with me.

I didn't intend on posting today, but last night while watching Daily Planet (one of our favourite shows), they were interviewing the company PixMob.  They are the company behind the awesome LED toques that you saw during the halftime show at the Super Bowl, that created an unbelievably amazing visual effect while Bruno Mars performed, seen here.

The company has been around for a while now and they have had quite a few impressive collaborations with performers and artists, but what really hit home for me was when they were asked something along the lines of "how did you react/feel when the NFL approached you for this" their reply was (again, something along the lines of) "actually, we just phoned them and asked".  The result: a few weeks after pitching their idea, the NFL phoned them back and said let's do this.


You see the thing is that there have been quite a few quotes and messages floating around the inter web lately about pushing past your fears and just going for it.  But for some reason this one really hit me, this one really made me say "wow, it's true".  Talk about just going for it and seriously, what an inspiration!

I've had ideas or have wanted to collaborate with various companies, bloggers, etc but I never take the step and just ask if the other party would like to work together, which leaves me with nothing.  You know?  An idea is just an idea if you don't take action, if you don't just ask.

So I had to post about it, I had to share, because if that statement had this much of an effect on me, perhaps it will have an effect on one of you too and then you'll pass it along and so on.

Just ask, because really, you have nothing to lose.



  1. Wow, what a story! That is so true, but for some reason, we {meaning I} forget that it can be that simple!! I know there are great things ahead for you and I will definitely take this advice to heart and try to make more happen this year. You're so right- what have you got to lose??

  2. Its such a scary prospect when you first think about it, but you are right - what is there to loose! Thanks for sharing this, I need a good pump up today. Good luck to you in all that you want and ask for. :)

  3. It's SO true. This is something I try to keep in mind always - the worst anyone can say is 'no' and if so then you're no worse off than where you started. :)

  4. I love this post! It's really great advice :)

  5. So true! So many of the companies and people I have interviewed, I simply asked! The worse that can happen? They say no. And you aren't any worse off than you were before. Take the leap!

  6. Yes! Super advice. Great reminder!


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