I've Got Spring On My Mind and This Is What I'm Thinking Of.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I know we are only mid way through January, but truth be told, I have spring on my mind and spring makes me think of flowers.

I'm beyond guilty of having one too many bunches of faux blooms throughout the house, but honestly, it's so much cheaper to buy gorgeous faux blooms which will last forever than to buy the real deal.  That being said, there is something so absolutely pleasing about the look, scent and feel of real blooms and as a result, this year, I'm allowing myself to buy real blooms without feeling guilty (because I always feel guilty when I treat myself, why, no clue, it's ridiculous).

And don't even get me started on branches. I adooooooore branches. More on that to come later bloggy friends


  1. I buy myself a $5 bunch of flowers from Trader Joes once a week and I'm always surprised the good it does for my state of mind all week.

  2. People don't use branches in floral arrangements NEARLY enough! One of my favorite tricks because they usually last for so much longer. :)

    Love your gorgeous site, sweetie!

  3. I buy a $7 bunch of white or pink carnations & they last about 2 weeks. They really are not given the credit they deserve, they look pretty, last a long time & are inexpensive. Anyways...do it! Fresh flowers are the best & you deserve it!

  4. I used to buy fresh flowers once a week, but feel out of the habit. Gotta restart that one, they do bring such pleasure!


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