It Doesn't Look Right For A Reason. Art Is Going Up.

Monday, January 13, 2014

So I stayed up to watch Downton Abbey  last night (I had to switch from the Golden Globes even though I was recording Downton, I just couldn't miss it).  Anyhow, can I tell you that I am not a night owl, not at all.  I am so tired today and I only stayed up just past 10pm! Honestly.

In other news,  as you know, I'm pretty determined to get more art up in the house.  This week was epic in the art department, seriously, totally excited.  I'm not one to over fill walls, but bare walls just don't sit well with me.

So this happened and I'm loving it!  It took me 24 hrs to get the nerve up to give it a try and in the end, I ended up using a Command Strip just incase I didn't like the results.  I have to be honest, I'm a touch worried about it being lower on the wall, I just don't want it to get damaged so I will be keeping a close eye on it, but I'm so happy that I gave it a go, I think it makes the room feel less uptight.  (sorry, but these are all iphone/instagram pics).

What didn't go as planned was this:

I framed these fabrics that were gifted to me quite a few years ago by a lovely friend.  She picked them up on her trip to Indonesia.  I thought of making pillows, but I never could bring myself to cut the fabric.  So this past weekend, I decided to frame them, which I thought was a brilliant idea!  But when it came time to hang them up in the living room, something was just not right.  I couldn't put my finger on what it was, the frame colour, the way that the fabrics were placed in the frame, the frame size, the matting, yadda yadda....I just couldn't figure it out.  In the end, I think that they just aren't right for the room.  The good news is that they will work perfectly in the upstairs hallway, so that's where they will go.

But we did end the weekend on a high note with this gorgeous Influential print by Jen Ramos, the talent behind Made By Girl.  I'm truly so happy with it and love how it faces the front door:

Also awesome, these stunning floral prints by Gaby from The Vault Files.  I have always had a love for floral prints and these ones are absolutely stunning, without a doubt.  They will go in the living room, but not where I originally intended on hanging them, so now I'm back to searching for art to fill the wall beside the Lovely Lady (seen above).

So, lesson learned...don't force something to work, if it isn't meant for the space, it just isn't.

Have an awesome Monday!



  1. Excellent advice. You are so right, it never pays to force it.

  2. Why don't you try a white or lighter color shade for the frames? Maybe the black frames are overpowering the fabric, and perhaps a lighter color will go nicely with them. Just my two cents ;)
    Hope you find a place for my photos ;)

  3. I love the pieces from by Gaby, the colours & the details in the layers of the petals are perfection! It's all look's great!

  4. I have artwork hung lower to the floor in my own home in some rooms & have just done it again for a client. When I showed her the lower placement for some artwork on an exposed stairway wall, she just swooned :-) Lower placed artwork is fun. It makes one take a second look in an area we usually don't expect to see something other than electrical outlets. ;-)


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