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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Countdown to IDS14: T minus 1 day. Yes, tomorrow I will be in Toronto, can't wait!  And I think I've decided on an outfit, such an important decision you know! lol  Be sure to follow along on instagram and twitter if you aren't already (but you totally are, right?! right?!) for updates and peeks at what I love and want at IDS!  I'm looking forward to recapping the show for you next week!

I have a thing for branches indoors, I find them to be absolutely stunning. Every single time I see a picture of cherry blossom branches, or branches with greenery that is just about to bloom, I immediately  tell myself that I need to get some for our home.  Time passes, the idea fades and then I see another glorious picture of delicate cherry blossom flowers blooming on branches in an entry way or living room and the cycle starts all over again.

I need.

I must get.

I forget.

Well, last week while out on a walk, we found a few branches and brought them home.  To my delight they have begun to sprout lovely green foliage and I can not stop taking pictures.  And to think that once I had them all set up, I thought that my grand idea was absolutely awful!  They originally made the room feel dark and cold, but the minute that the buds started to sprout, they brought a whole new feel to the room.

I will most definitely be keeping an eye out for cherry blossom branches and have already asked my mother in law to keep any branches that she prunes from her gorgeous weeping tree in the backyard (that just so happens to bloom around the same time as hubs and my anniversary, brilliant).



  1. Maybe we will run into one another the IDS Gala tonight. Hollie

  2. So jealous! If I wasn't about to pop I would be there! Next year for sure. Have fun! Your posts look great.


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