A Room That Has My Attention & Where I Need To Visit.

Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm still so completely captivated and slightly obsessed with Aerin Lauder's book.  I can't stop thinking about it.  The rooms are so well put together.  I especially loved the library, as seen in the photo above.

We will be spending our day in emerg, or at least a better part of it, to have kiddo 2's stitches removed.  Unfortunately, we can't go to see our family doctor because their office is closed for the holidays until next Monday. Those stitches need to come out and so emerg it is.

I have such an itch to get going on decorating, I suppose that's to be expected with the new year and all.  I also want to get to our local antique shoppe to see what's new.  I always love finding little (or big), unexpected treasures.  I'm ever so slightly wondering if a pair of brass sconces that I spotted a few weeks ago is still there.  They were so lovely and I should have taken them home with me, but was too cheap even though they were well priced.

And I have orchids on the brain, need to get some more orchids. There's just something so beautiful about orchids.  Even if they aren't blooming, they are lovely.  I need more.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.


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