Our Holiday Home! Family Room Edition.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Can you even believe that it's the week before Christmas?! I seem to be most productive this week, perhaps I do best under a time crunch? I dunno, but I can tell you that there will be lots of last minute details getting finished this week so that we can all put our feet up come the weekend!

This week I'm totally excited to share our holiday decor with you!  I'll be starting off with the family room.

My goal for this room is to have a space where people can truly feel comfy and cozy.  Kick your feet up, enjoy the fire & your favourite shows while bundling up under your favourite cover.  Honestly, it makes me SO happy to see our family and friends using the room just as it was intended to be used.

The colour palette is pretty neutral with pops of blue, green and red.  I'm absolutely loving the plaid and polka dot pillow combo, that may be my favourite element in the room to be honest!


Later in the week I will be sharing the living room, dining room and entryway decor with you!

Happy Monday!



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