Making Use of Your Leftover Christmas Tree Branches!

Monday, December 9, 2013

There isn't anything quite like bringing a Christmas tree home and the smell that takes over the house soon after.  It's so fantastic, isn't it?!

When it comes time to place your well chosen and beloved tree in the stand, be sure to keep any leftover branches that need to be trimmed off.  Use them elsewhere around the house to carry the smell and to add a festive touch to each room.

Remember to think outside of the box and to use items that may not necessarily be considered as vases, that's what adds character!  Just be sure that you are able to somehow place the branches in water, for example by placing a tupperware dish at the bottom of your container.

I enjoyed putting a vintage artillery box that we got many years ago and that has been sitting in our basement for just as many years, to use.  I decided to place it in our entryway, a unique way to welcome our guests and to infuse the space with the delicious Christmas tree scent.

Though our dining room is open to the living room (where the tree is), I really wanted to add some branches to the sideboard.  This water pitcher was the perfect vase (you've seen it on here a few times, it's honestly such a great piece to have, so if you see one, scoop it up!).

Milk glass is always the answer:

And lastly those beautiful and inexpensive vases from Ikea are a must buy!  They can be used so many different ways and are the perfect pairing for those leftover branches!

So, do you typically keep any branches that fall or that you cut from your tree?

Oh! And if you don't have a real tree, you can still bring a touch of the real thing simply by purchasing a bundle of branches.  Most stores sell them for under $5!



  1. Looks awesome, Julie! Love the artillery box!

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