Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh boy, it's finally time to share our master bedroom makeover.  I'm pretty darn excited as this is really the first time that I planned out a space from start to finish.  First though, let me say that my computer and I are NOT on good terms right now. I'm sorry, but it's gotten to the point that we may just have to break up.  It took me wayyy too long to get this post up and running. Ridiculously long and so I apologize if there are any glitches or things aren't lining up properly. And why is Blogger darkening my photos? Is this happening to anyone else?

Vent over, back to the reveal...

As much as I would have loved to have purchased a new headboard, the budget just isn't there right now, but I really wanted to update the space so I of course paint was the answer.  After a little nudge from Alexandra Kaehler, I decided to go with blue and you know what, I'm SO glad that I went for it.  Though the blue ended up being a touch lighter than I was picturing, I'm loving it all the same.

For the fabrics, I wanted something fun and that had personality.  I went with two great fabrics Spoonflower  (thanks again C for the feedback).  I'm super impressed, though next time I choose a thicker fabric.  I love how the print on the purple fabric balances out the playfulness of the dotted one.  For texture, I went with a gorgeous grey sequinned pillow that I found at Homesense, it finishes off the look perfectly.

Because I wanted the headboard & pillows to be the focal point, I decided to go with a subtle piece of art above the bed.  Honestly, how perfect is this print by Clare Elsaesser.  I'm so smitten with it.  It's truly gorgeous in person.

The bedside tables were the first thing in the room to get a new look.  A touch of white spray paint and some gold metallic for the hardware and they fit right in, they were originally the same colour as the headboard.  A beautiful watercolour by Sarah Swanson & a vintage crystal cigarette tray (not being used for cigarettes) finishes off my side perfectly.  For hubs side, I picked up a wooden plate from Homesense and made some simple artwork myself. I also bought a large piece of mating and cut it down to size to frame this piece and the art above the bed as well.

My Ashley Cooper print was given a touch of colour with a new mat and I once again, spray painted a frame that we already had white.

Here's the before:

And here's the after:

Now, I'm sure you're wondering "what about the rest of the room". Ah yes, there is more, but that my friends will have to wait for another post!

Hope you liked it!



  1. It looks WONDERFUL! I love your pillow choices :) xoxo

  2. It's so pretty! I love the blue you used to update the headboard. It works perfectly with the other accent colours in the room :)

  3. Hey there sweety :)
    I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award!
    It's a way to find new friends and make blogs with under 200 follower on bloglovin a little bit more popular. There are some Qs for you and I hope you enjoy it :)
    The other rules and my questions are on my blog :)
    Have fun!

    Yours Zabbie

    PS: I love the topic of your blog, can't wait to read more from you :)

  4. Beautiful job! LOVE the pillows - so pretty :)

  5. It looks absolutely fabulous! The navy is even better than I would've thought!

  6. Wow, your bedroom makeover is totally gorgeous Julie, and I am thrilled to see my print included! Thank you! xo

  7. Looks gorgeous Julie!! Love the pillows and the bedside tables, fab job girl!! :)

  8. great job...digging all that art!

  9. Beautifully done! Love the dotted pillows!

  10. Oh it's so lovely!! Love all the little touches & the artwork :) xo

  11. It looks FANTASTIC, Julie!! I love the colour combo and those dotted pillows are amazing!! Great job, girlie :)

  12. Looks like you have the same headboard as I do - I wish I had the guts to paint it! Looks fabulous!

  13. So good! The blue is such a nice contrast against all the light details you have going on and you did a fantastic job photographing it all! Can't wait to see more!!

  14. i love it!! the blue headboard is lovely and the finishing details on the side tables are perfect! can't wait to see the rest:)

  15. I love this! The pops of pink and silver are perfect!


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