New Handmade Pillow Covers & A Little Change of Plans.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last week I shared a "what's happening around here" post and in it there was a pic of a swatch of fabric that I had found at Fabricland.  Well, I went back to the store and bought a metre and a half to make some new pillow covers for the living room.

You guys, I am so excited about the results:

They really have taken the room to a whole new level.  As much as I loved the pillows that were there before, I loooooove these ones!  I'm hoping to photograph the room this week.

Also, there's been a bit of a change of plans for the upstairs reading nook.  Oh yes.

You see, I'm currently blogging & working from the dining room table, which isn't all that bad, but I would really love to have a dedicated space.  There's the office in the basement, but I have absolutely no desire to work down there, just not a fan of being in the basement.  I thought of working from the work center in the kitchen (which has yet to be installed...still waiting on the builder for that one), but that wouldn't be ideal either.

Then there's the reading nook.  

And you know what?  It's perfect.

A little spot, tucked away upstairs, but with a beautiful window. So I've switched up the furniture layout, have ordered a desk and am planning away.  I'm SO excited, friends!

I still want this to act as a reading nook, so the chairs & table will stay.  The desk is supposed to arrive next week, more sneak peeks coming soon.  Be sure to follow along via instagram for the first peeks!

Also, I've ordered this gorgeous print by Clare Elsaesser for the master bedroom makeover. Can not wait to see it in person!


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