The Drink That Has Me Wrapped Around It's Finger. Pretty Straws Required

Thursday, September 26, 2013

iced latte

Okay, it's true. Starbucks and I go way back, but my drink list is pretty darn small.  Cafe Mocha, brewed coffee, PSL (that's Pumpkin Spice Latte, you need to try one if you haven't already) and of course any flavour of Frappuccino.  But! I recently discovered the deliciousness of the vanilla iced latte. Yes, it's honestly taken me this long to try one. Not sure why.

iced latte 1

Well, I'm hooked.  Even with the cooler temps, I love enjoying a glass mid afternoon. It's honestly the perfect treat.  I can easily make one with our espresso machine at home.  Some espresso, milk & ice...that's all you need folks!

Only thing, I don't own pretty straws. I need to fix that asap.

iced latte 2

Make your own!  Don't own an espresso machine, no problem, you can just as easily make one with coffee.  Brew some of your favourite coffee, add some milk, ice and voila!  I also add some vanilla syrop (you can buy a bottle from Starbucks for $10 here).

You're welcome!


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