My BlogPodium Experience. You Will Want To Go.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Michelle, Tim, Sara, myself, Victoria & Christine

Last weekend I attended Blogpodium.  You guys, it was amazing.  Such a wonderful weekend.  So much goodness in two days.

I've been having a bit of a tough time coming down from what I'm calling, the "Blogpodium high". Seriously, it's a thing as far as I'm concerned. I have a feeling that this post is going to be a little bit of an incoherent ramble! ha! Honestly, I'm having a really struggling trying to write my experience.

I could recap what I learned, which seminars I went to and what the subjects were, but I dunno, that's just not the approach I want to take. If you're looking for more of a "tip" post, be sure to check out this Blogpodium post that has links to several different bloggers recap posts. They are pretty awesome.

First off, the reason why I went.  It's one thing to sit in your office or dining room or on the couch, wherever it is that you type your posts from and to *think* that you're heading in the right direction.  It's another thing to know.  To not feel like you're "alone" to not feel like you are "hoping" that this is how it's done.  Blogging can be very lonely when no one around you blogs.  I felt like this was something that I really needed, to be surrounded by people who share the same passion as myself and to speak to them in person.

I needed some type of reassurance I suppose, to know that this crazy, unpredictable path is just that. Crazy and unpredictable and that I myself am not going crazy!

I met so many amazingly talented people. So. Many. I chatted about all the things I love about blogging and I asked questions and found that many of us are in the same situation.  To know that you're not alone can be a really comforting feeling.  Everyone was so unbelievably kind and so very excited to be there.

None of us know where our blogging will take us.  There is no golden rule of success for blogging.  But you have to keep chugging along, this weekend gave me proof that hard work can very well pay off.

There were two words that were repeated several times throughout the conference and by several different speakers.

Be. Yourself.

Plain and simple.  They all genuinely felt that this is a large part of what led them to success and that this is what sets them apart from the rest.  And you know what, I agree completely.  Your readers are coming to your blog on a daily basis because they like you, how you write and what you are talking about.

I think the moment that you start trying too hard to be someone you're not, forcing posts or looking for someone to give you the answers/shortcuts, that's when you need to take a step back or shut the computer down for the day.

Blogging IS hard work and isn't always glamorous.

I have a long way to go in the blogging world and I have a lot to learn. This isn't a race, this isn't a competition, this is a passion.  When something really means a lot to you, you work hard to keep it going.

It was just such an eye opener, that there aren't necessarily answers in the sense that you should do A,B & C and then bam, all of the readers will come pouring in.  No, that's not how it works.  I mean, there are most definitely tips to help you become a successful blogger, ways to be more strategic, those were super important and very valuable, don't get me wrong, I took a slew of notes (and that's also why you need to check out other blogger's recaps).  There was inside scoop on how to work with companies and how to improve your photography, all things that will help you achieve greater success and I'm so very thankful for all of the speakers who took the time to answer our questions and to share all that they have learned along the way.

For me.  It was an inspirational weekend.  It was a pivotal point in my blogging career.  Blogpodium was exactly what I needed and I'm telling you, I will be attending the next conference.

It. Was. That. Good.

What I will say. Be kind. Work Hard. Be Passionate. Love What You're Doing. Be You. Talk To Your Readers Like You'd Talk To Your Best Friend.

Love What You're Doing.  

Everything else will fall into place.

Questions? Ask away, as I'm sure I missed a thing or two!  All photos were taken by the ever so talented, Anna

I also have to write a post about meeting Sarah Richardson & her team and touring her office. Unreal you guys. Simply unreal. That will have to wait for another day.  I also had a chance to get to West elm. Oh boy,  you're gonna love what they have in store. Blog post on that coming soon as well!



  1. Great recap! Glad you got to experience the 'blogpodium high'. It was lovely to meet you in person!

  2. I totally know what you mean - I've been riding the BlogPodium high ever since! It was amazing to meet you in person Julie - you are super fun. I hope I don't have to wait until the next BlogPodium to hang out with you again!! :)

  3. Lovely recap Julie! I was so sad to miss...but am looking forward to reading a bunch of recaps. It'll be as if I was there! LOL.

  4. Great to meet you Julie! I think we all walked away with so much from the weekend. Yay bloggers!

  5. Great summary! You are awesome and I'm so glad I got to meet you finally!

  6. Awesome recap post Julie!! I am still on my BlogPodium high too!

    I am sooo soo happy we finally had the chance to meet in person & I hope we get the chance (sooner rather than later) to hang out again! (and maybe next time I won't be working!)

  7. This is such a great recap. I love the photo of you intense at work and in deep thought. Connecting with you on the day was a highlight for me for sure.

  8. It went so fast!! Great recap! I'll say it again, I loved meeting you in person and hopefully we'll see each other again in the future ;)

  9. I'm still on my Blogpodium high as well! Writing a re-cap post was so challenging for me too, I had no idea where to start because I had so many thoughts going in my head. I wish we had more time to chat but it was great meeting you. You are gorgeous!


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