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Monday, September 30, 2013

I have such a love for vintage pieces and I enjoy incorporating them into my decor as much as possible.

dining hutch - its in the details

It's the details that I fall for.  Pieces with paint chips are embraced and irregularities are welcome.

living - details

We've collected quite a few pieces and you'll be seeing more and more of them here on the blog as I begin a new series.  I will sharing photos of the little details that I absolutely love in our home from vintage pieces to vignettes.

dining table

Hope you enjoy them!


The Drink That Has Me Wrapped Around It's Finger. Pretty Straws Required

Thursday, September 26, 2013

iced latte

Okay, it's true. Starbucks and I go way back, but my drink list is pretty darn small.  Cafe Mocha, brewed coffee, PSL (that's Pumpkin Spice Latte, you need to try one if you haven't already) and of course any flavour of Frappuccino.  But! I recently discovered the deliciousness of the vanilla iced latte. Yes, it's honestly taken me this long to try one. Not sure why.

iced latte 1

Well, I'm hooked.  Even with the cooler temps, I love enjoying a glass mid afternoon. It's honestly the perfect treat.  I can easily make one with our espresso machine at home.  Some espresso, milk & ice...that's all you need folks!

Only thing, I don't own pretty straws. I need to fix that asap.

iced latte 2

Make your own!  Don't own an espresso machine, no problem, you can just as easily make one with coffee.  Brew some of your favourite coffee, add some milk, ice and voila!  I also add some vanilla syrop (you can buy a bottle from Starbucks for $10 here).

You're welcome!


My BlogPodium Experience. You Will Want To Go.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Michelle, Tim, Sara, myself, Victoria & Christine

Last weekend I attended Blogpodium.  You guys, it was amazing.  Such a wonderful weekend.  So much goodness in two days.

I've been having a bit of a tough time coming down from what I'm calling, the "Blogpodium high". Seriously, it's a thing as far as I'm concerned. I have a feeling that this post is going to be a little bit of an incoherent ramble! ha! Honestly, I'm having a really struggling trying to write my experience.

I could recap what I learned, which seminars I went to and what the subjects were, but I dunno, that's just not the approach I want to take. If you're looking for more of a "tip" post, be sure to check out this Blogpodium post that has links to several different bloggers recap posts. They are pretty awesome.

First off, the reason why I went.  It's one thing to sit in your office or dining room or on the couch, wherever it is that you type your posts from and to *think* that you're heading in the right direction.  It's another thing to know.  To not feel like you're "alone" to not feel like you are "hoping" that this is how it's done.  Blogging can be very lonely when no one around you blogs.  I felt like this was something that I really needed, to be surrounded by people who share the same passion as myself and to speak to them in person.

I needed some type of reassurance I suppose, to know that this crazy, unpredictable path is just that. Crazy and unpredictable and that I myself am not going crazy!

I met so many amazingly talented people. So. Many. I chatted about all the things I love about blogging and I asked questions and found that many of us are in the same situation.  To know that you're not alone can be a really comforting feeling.  Everyone was so unbelievably kind and so very excited to be there.

None of us know where our blogging will take us.  There is no golden rule of success for blogging.  But you have to keep chugging along, this weekend gave me proof that hard work can very well pay off.

There were two words that were repeated several times throughout the conference and by several different speakers.

Be. Yourself.

Plain and simple.  They all genuinely felt that this is a large part of what led them to success and that this is what sets them apart from the rest.  And you know what, I agree completely.  Your readers are coming to your blog on a daily basis because they like you, how you write and what you are talking about.

I think the moment that you start trying too hard to be someone you're not, forcing posts or looking for someone to give you the answers/shortcuts, that's when you need to take a step back or shut the computer down for the day.

Blogging IS hard work and isn't always glamorous.

I have a long way to go in the blogging world and I have a lot to learn. This isn't a race, this isn't a competition, this is a passion.  When something really means a lot to you, you work hard to keep it going.

It was just such an eye opener, that there aren't necessarily answers in the sense that you should do A,B & C and then bam, all of the readers will come pouring in.  No, that's not how it works.  I mean, there are most definitely tips to help you become a successful blogger, ways to be more strategic, those were super important and very valuable, don't get me wrong, I took a slew of notes (and that's also why you need to check out other blogger's recaps).  There was inside scoop on how to work with companies and how to improve your photography, all things that will help you achieve greater success and I'm so very thankful for all of the speakers who took the time to answer our questions and to share all that they have learned along the way.

For me.  It was an inspirational weekend.  It was a pivotal point in my blogging career.  Blogpodium was exactly what I needed and I'm telling you, I will be attending the next conference.

It. Was. That. Good.

What I will say. Be kind. Work Hard. Be Passionate. Love What You're Doing. Be You. Talk To Your Readers Like You'd Talk To Your Best Friend.

Love What You're Doing.  

Everything else will fall into place.

Questions? Ask away, as I'm sure I missed a thing or two!  All photos were taken by the ever so talented, Anna

I also have to write a post about meeting Sarah Richardson & her team and touring her office. Unreal you guys. Simply unreal. That will have to wait for another day.  I also had a chance to get to West elm. Oh boy,  you're gonna love what they have in store. Blog post on that coming soon as well!


DIY: Ombre Watercolour Gallery Wall. How You Can Easily Achieve This Look.

Monday, September 23, 2013

So, a little while back I finished the DIY gallery wall in our main hallway.  I know I really like something when I don't have the urge to switch it up a week later.  I smile when I see the 12 little paintings hanging there. They fit the wall perfectly.

So, how'd I do it?

First off, let me say this.  I'm no painter, not at all.  What I am is someone who gets ideas of what she wants and when I can't find it in store/online, I do my best to create the look myself.  This project included a lot of trial and error.

I found the paints at Homesense (inexpensive, about $6)

It did take some time simply because I needed to create the colours for each row. I knew the palette I wanted, but had to mix the paints myself to get the perfect colour.

When choosing the colour palette, be sure to look around the rest of the space and pull your colours from there to ensure a cohesive look.

So you have your paint & paper, now what?! To be honest, I literally wet the sheet of watercolour paper, took my paint colour and used long strokes going from one side of the sheet to the other horizontally, starting at the top of the sheet.  I overlapped the rows ever so slightly and continued my way down the sheet.  If the colour was too intense, I would then dip my paint brush in the bowl of water (not adding anymore colour) and swept the brush over the section where I wanted to thin the colour out.

Is this the "proper" way to make a watercolour, I have no clue, honestly.  I just did what I had to to achieve the look I was going for.  A somewhat ombre look on each sheet.

The hardest part was no joke, hanging the frames. I was honestly stressing and had to do one row at a time, over an entire day.  Seriously, cheaping out and not buying a laser level was such a bad idea.  Don't be cheap like me, buy one!

What I love best is that I can easily swap the paintings out if I ever do tire of them.  I bought the frames from Walmart and they were just under $15.  To save moulla, I'd probably go with the Ribba frame at Ikea (we don't have an Ikea here, so Walmart it was).

If you're not wanting to paint your own, I highly recommend Sarah's Gallery Wall paintings. I own a few and love them so much!

For the paper, I'd suggest going with something on the thick side and to not use too much water. I have a few sheets that are rippling because they were over saturated. Lesson learned.

If you give this project a go, please be sure to email me some photos, I'd love to see!


A Touch of Vintage & Glam - Laundry Room Upgrade

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Friends, I have some fabulousness to share with you today!

A while back, I received the loveliest email from an extremely talented artist.  The email was really and truly one of the nicest emails I have ever received as a blogger and I would have hugged Ashley if I could have.

Not only was the email full of kindness, she also generously offered me a few of her amazing prints and I could have been any more excited to add her amazing work to our home!

I have to admit, it's taken me a while to hang the prints up (I'm sorry Ashley!!!), as embarrassing as that is, they have both found a home and I'm pretty thrilled with how they look.  Of course I have to share some pics!

I had been searching for a print to place on my bedside table.  The minute I saw this one, I knew it was perfect!  I am still however, searching for the perfect frame:

The second print I chose, well, you'll know why I chose it when you see it. I die!  It's so good:

A closer picture:

get yours here

This lovely ended up in our laundry room.  Gah, I know, but it's not as bad as it sounds.  You can see the print from the hallway when you walk past the laundry room, so she'll be seen often.  And honestly, what's better than a touch of vintage and glam in one's laundry room?!

You can see more of Ashley's amazing work here.

The vintage frame? You want to know more. Well, I will tell you then.  Believe it or not, this was a curb-side pick up.  Yeah, totally true.  My mother in law spotted it at the end of her neighbours driveway and couldn't leave it.  I'm so glad she didn't.  A little spray paint and tada, perfect frame in a frame frame!

You can easily find one for yourself.  Check your local vintage store or thrift shop, they often have a good selection of frames just waiting for a project like this.


A Birthday, A Show and A Conference. It's Gonna Be A Big Week.

Monday, September 16, 2013

You guys, this is going to be such a big week!

Kiddo one will be turning nine, nine. He's going to be nine.  I can't even wrap my head around that.

Blogpodium is this weekend! Again.  You guys, I'm looking forward to this weekend so very much. I can't wait to meet so many people who I truly admire.  I can't wait to be inspired and I can't wait to go from blogging as a hobby to blogging for reals. Yes. For reals.  And of course, I can not wait to meet Sarah Richardson.  The Sarah Richardson.  You guys, honestly, this is a dream come true.  I've admired Sarah's work from her Room Service days.  This is such a big deal to me!

Speaking of Sarah, another reason this week is pretty darn awesome is because.....she's back!  Yup, that's right.  Get ready HGTV friends, some fab design tv is returning.

Sarah's new show, Real Potential, will air this Thursday with two back to back episodes.  You better believe I will no only be watching it (while drinking a glass of wine and eating fav combo) but I will also be recording it because it's bound to be that good!

I will be running around looking for a few last minute pieces to complete my outfits for this weekend.  What to wear has been a big decision, but at the end of the day, I just want to feel comfortable.  So I'm not straying too far my from usual.  Gap & Banana Republic totally came to the rescue.  This polka dot blazer may or may not be worn this weekend...wink wink.

What an awesome week this is gonna be!  Happy Monday.


Homesense 101

Friday, September 13, 2013

I suppose you all know by now that I have a little thing for Homesense.  Our relationship continues to go strong and I thought that perhaps I could share a tip or two for those of you who are looking to decorate your home with some pieces from Homesense.

Because there is just so much to love in one store, it's super important to go with a plan.  I mean, don't get me wrong, it's also a fab place to go to simply browse, but if you are looking for something specific, write it down to help you stay on track because it is so easy to get sidetracked when the shelves are full of amazing pieces!

So that's key. Write it down.  Jot down the colours you're looking for or the colours of the space you're shopping for, the shape and the style.  Are you looking for a modern piece or something a little more traditional.  These details matter and having a list will help you stay focused.

be sure to check the book section, amazing deals and perfect for styling!

Know the measurements (one should always have a measuring tape in their purse, nothing worse than bringing a gorgeous piece home, only to find out that it's either too big or to small).  Forgot yours at home? Check the front of the store....there should be some paper measuring tapes hanging up. If not, don't be shy!  Ask one of the sales associates if you could borrow theirs.

One thing about Homesense that is crazy true is that things don't always stay in the store long.  If there is something there that you love but you're not sure how it will look once you get it home, buy it.  You have 10 days to return the item, take advantage of that.  There have been many times when I've have chosen to not buy something only to completely regret that decision and so I head back to the store later that day and the item is gone.  You don't want this to happen to you.

Remember that the store is full of lovely and amazing pieces and you will most likely love a slew of items, but that doesn't mean that they are going to work with your space.  That's the biggest mistake that I used to make. Thinking that because I loved something it should all work together.  Not so, not so at all.

Be patient. I kid you not, the perfect item will most likely turn up, you just need to be patient.  Don't settle for something that is "ok". You'll be happy you waited, I promise.

Be creative. Remember this lamp?

a whole lot of Homesense happening here! The lantern, agate coasters and the lamp

Yup, you're right. It was orange, a little spray paint and voila. It's the perfect lamp for our family room.

Most of all, have fun!

I have a few more tips and will share them with you in another post!


PS these are all my personal opinions and tips.

Chapters Obsessed!

Monday, September 9, 2013

It might seem as though I shop a lot, but I promise you, that is not the case. I go to stores a lot, but mainly just to browse and to see what's new.  Really, it's true....

I have a list of stores that I usually visit once/twice a week. Recently added to that list is Chapters.  Seriously, have you seen the goodies for the home that they are carrying?  Let's review:

the Emily tote. Large enough to carry everything I will need for Blogpodium. Bam!

What better way to start your day than with a mug that knows what it's talking about?! Guy!

Kate Spade planner. That is all. Buy it.

Pillows g-a-l-o-r-e. Not just pillows, pillows with fab gold foil script and even fabber (is that even a word?!) messages. Done and done.

Now those are the items that I was able to take photos of before we had to venture off to the kids section to play with the trains.  It is "his" train store after all!  Totally being bossed around by a four year old, no shame here.

I'm also loving their frames, baskets (braided, perfectly perfect) and dinnerware. Among other things, but we have to stop somewhere, don't we?!

Master Bedroom Makeover Update!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh yes, there has been progress my good friends!  The other day I decided to spray paint the bedside tables that are currently in our room.  There isn't really anything wrong with them, I find that they are too low and would prefer something a touch wider, but for now they definitely do.  I went with a white gloss finish and then used some gold spray paint on the hardware.

We've now gone from this:

to this:

I also brought the vintage slipper chair that we inherited, up from the basement.  The plan is to eventually reupholster it, but between you and me, I'm in no rush.  The fabric will def need to be replaced at some point, but for now it fits in just fine.

Now, the plan was/is to paint the headboard navy.  I of course have been searching for photos of rooms with navy headboards.  I can't believe I hadn't seen Emily Henderson's bedroom until now, love the way the navy headboard looks with the white side tables.

Her walls are nice and light, ours are dark grey and we aren't looking to paint them...both hubs and I love the colour.  So we'll see what ends up happening.  To be honest, I don't mind the wood headboard as much now that we've painted the side tables.  I'm thinking that with a fab piece of art hanging above the bed (in a gorgeous gold frame) and new pillows, it all might work really well together.  Again, we'll see.

My allergies are doing a number to me, I can hardly think straight.  Anyone else have seasonal allergies, ragweed to be specific? They aren't fun. I had gone for some allergy shots earlier this year and was doing really well up until a few days ago.  Time to take some meds me thinks.

Have an awesome Thursday, friends.


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