Pretty Friday & A Rug Dilemma.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Jill Stuart's living room is ever so lovely.  I especially love the gorgeous photo hanging above the couch and the couches themselves with their beautiful straight lines.  I've also recently discovered that I'm a sucker for cut hydrangeas, I need more in my house.  Thankfully I planted two hydrangea bushes in our backyard this year, watch out!

As mentioned in the title of this post, I'm having one helluva time trying to pick a rug for our entry way.  Well, the space just off of the entry. 5x8 won't fit nicely and 4x6 is too small.  Friends suggested going with a round or square.  Brilliant.  But now I can't decide if I want something modern, something with a geometric print or something traditional.  This girl seriously just needs to pick something.  You should see my "floor candy" pinterest board.  I'm all over the map.  Also need to take into considering that you can see the rug in the living room and eventually (once I find one), the one in the dining room from the entry, so I'd like all of them to go together nicely.  There are also the fabric covered ottomans in the entry.

Vent over. Seriously. I just need to pick something.  Hoping to make a decision this weekend, cause I would really like to move the rug that is currently there to the upstairs reading nook so that I can then finish that space.  It's all connected. ha!

Happy long weekend, friends.  Make it a good one.



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