Homesense Roundup! Dining Benches, Mirrors, Woven Baskets and More!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Would you believe that I hadn't stepped into a Homesense store for over a month until last week?! I know!

Well, my visit (with gift card in friends know me well!) didn't disappoint.  It was great to get caught up and to see what's new.  Of course, I have to share a few items with you all here.

The first item I spotted was immediately after I walked in the store.  Beauty in an ottoman:

If only I had someplace to put it. Really gorgeous.

Then there was this lovely that I would have no problem using at my kitchen or dining room table:

This spring, Ralph Lauren ginger jar motif lamps hit the shelves.  They've been followed by these white porcelain beauties:

If you're in the market for a rug be sure to stop by Homesense, they usually have an amazing selection in varying sizes.  This wool & cotton 5x8 caught my eye:

I've been looking for a mirror to hang in the hallway to the laundry room for a while now.  Though I didn't find anything on this trip,  there was still an impressive array of choices available:

I may not have found a mirror or rug, but what I did find (finally) was a round woven basket.  You guys, I've been looking for the perfect one for months now.  Seriously.....months.  The wait was finally over and I'm one happy camper.  My plan is to use it in the living room as a planter for either a banana leaf plant or perhaps a hibiscus.  I'm all for a fig leaf but I haven't had any luck finding one around here and to be honest, I absolutely love hibiscuses (say that five times fast! ha!).

Also, I wanted to give a big thank you (and high five) to Style At Home for featuring one of my instagram pics of our living room on their blog!  You can see it here.  So awesome! Thanks so much, Style At Home!



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