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Friday, July 5, 2013

my own photo - I fell in love with the chandelier at first sight!

Oh boy, I apologize for the radio silence.  I honestly didn't mean to be gone for an entire week.  Life is super crazy busy after my husband returns from a long trip (6 weeks to be exact).  Everyone is trying to catch up, everyone wants to hang out and there is a long to do list of things to get done.  The first week back is usually pretty exhausting, just go go go.

We have started our gardens in the backyard, which I'm so excited about, but gosh it sure it a lot of work.  The weather has been absolutely spectacular which kinda makes us wish we were at the beach vs in our backyard with spades and shovels, but it will be time well spent once all is said and done.

So you can pretty much guess what we will be up to this weekend!  Gardening plus hanging some curtains (yay, finally) and then perhaps we will reward ourselves for a job well done with an afternoon oh, heck, a day at the beach!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!!



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