When The Ball Is Rolling, Keep Going! House Decor Plans Coming Together.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Woohoo!  Things are getting done around here, you guys!

I have SO many lists in my head it's crazy.  For the most part I'm pretty sure I know how I want each room to look and what pieces are missing, the thing is that there are A LOT of pieces missing.  This is totally fine, because it does take time, but at the same time...holy cow does it ever test ones patience when you're sitting there looking at all the emptiness (walls, floors, rooms, etc) knowing exactly what you want but you've gotta just wait.  Anyhow, yadda yadda, things are happening, slowly but surely.

First, I finally found the right lamp for the main floor hallway, finally:

I'm loving the size, texture and colour, it's perfect.  Time to finish styling the table.

Speaking of lamps.  I eyed this beauty at Homesense a while ago.

I need to rearrange the furniture in the family room to see if I can give the lamp a new home.  Hoping to place it on this beauty, but she needs to be moved to the other side of the couch if I want them to work together:

I've ordered the drapery hardware for the family room, next up is sewing together the ready made drapes I bought at Fabricland, oh, a month ago.

My new SSprintshop print arrived, I'm thinking it needs a white frame with a black mat. Yes.It.Does.

Though the backsplash has been ordered, it's not yet installed, which totally irks me.  The builder just doesn't seem to want to move as quickly as I do.  We're also waiting for the workspace in the kitchen to be installed. Seriously, what's taking so long?!  My plan is to add some gorgeous grasscloth wallpaper as a backsplash in the new workspace (classic white subway for the rest of the kitchen).

The upstairs nook is all planned out.  Prints have been chosen, mirror is ready to be hung (it's going on the opposite wall and will be flanked by four framed prints, two on either side) and I've ordered the fabric to reupholster chair #2.  Yes, I'm doing it on my own despite not enjoying redoing chair #1 on my own.  At the end of the day, it's saving me lots of money and the end result wasn't so bad....well, kinda wasn't so bad. ha!

Think the space also needs a knitted pouf for those sitting there to put their feet up on.

I'm going to move the rug that is currently in the entryway up here, just need to find a new one for the entry first.  I'm leaning towards something like this for entry (black and cream):

Phew!  There you have it. Two thumbs up for getting things done.  It feels like I'm finally figuring stuff out and because of that, deciding on a decor plan for the house isn't a tough as it used to be.


I have chosen a few other things, but I'll wait to share those in another post ;)



  1. I really love what you are doing with your place! Please come decorate mine :-)

  2. Love how everything is coming together Julie!


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