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Monday, June 17, 2013

Okay.  So with the backsplash all finished, my focus has shifted somewhat back to the family room and kitchen, which are basically open to one another.

The family room is coming along, here's a peek at what it looks like now:

My plan is to move the black cabinet to the other side of the couch, hopefully it will work there. I don't like how it's hidden behind the chair.  I want to purchase a new lamp (seen here) to replace the one that's currently in there, to go on the black cabinet.  There's also the option of changing the furniture layout (couch and chairs) but I dunno, we'll see.  The coffee table is set to go.  I'm looking for a fabric ottoman, which I have yet to find, but something along the lines of this.  Pictures to hang above the couch have been ordered, just need to get the frames from Ikea (gosh I wish you could order their frames online).  Pssst...I also want to replace the rug, but since we kinda just got it aka when we moved in, I will hold off a while longer....maybe.  And while we're on the subject, it's funny, we totally had to have the leather couches when we bought them. Funny how tastes change over time. I'd much rather have fabric couches and chairs with amazing lines.  But there is no way that that will be happening any time soon.

I'm currently converting the ready made drapes I picked from rod pocket to pinch pleat. So far so good:

So that's the family room.

The kitchen is white with the black appliances.  Then we have the harvest table with the vintage dining chairs:

I only just recently recovered the chairs but the fabric isn't right.  I also need drapery and a rug for under the table.

I'm thinking of going with the same drapes I used in the family room or an off white/white linen.  Then for the chairs and rug, I'm seriously loving this combo:

My only concern is how it will go with the family room.  Maybe a white and grey striped rug instead?  Or this one from West Elm?  Decisions.

I want a fresh feeling for the kitchen. Calm, refreshing.

I finally nabbed the planter that I've been eyeing for a while now, you'd be amazed by how hard it was to find a planter with this shape and a smooth surface.  It was priced higher than I wanted to pay...that's me, totally frugal.  Anyhow, it was marked down due to a few scratches, but a little spray paint and it's perfect.  What a huge difference!

Truth: I accidentally used a satin spray paint (seen in photo above) so I went out the next day and bought some matte spray paint, which is what I originally wanted.  It's a much better look and finish.   What a silly mistake!

Here's another peek of the backsplash, seriously loving the grout!


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