A Week of Sunshine. A Little Recap!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oh dear, I went MIA for a little bit there, didn't it? My apology, friends.  I do have a good excuse.

You see, mother nature finally gave us a good dose of ah-mazing weather and we soaked up every last minute of it!  To the point that we are all absolutely suffering from exhaustion, an extreme level of exhaustion.

A little recap:

ooooh yes, flats are back in full force! I adore this pair from Aldo, they are fab

I'm a tank and jeans kind of gal, to me, that's a perfect combo 

J and I ventured out a little further on our run, it was the best decision I've made in a while...loving our new route so much!

I had to share this, cause I'm so excited about it, even though I look borderline crazy! I've always loved skateboarding but have never been and am still not very good, but I love it all the same.  Hubs finally took my requests for him to teach me how to do an ollie seriously....best.bday.present.eva!!!! Teach-teach-teach me how to ollie (sung to the tune of "teach me how to dougie, haha)

 one must always capture the first slurpee run of the year on camera

there have been A LOT of bike riding, just the way we like it

So that's kind of what we've been up to.  It's so awesome that hubs was here and that we were able to all enjoy the lovely weather together.  I have to admit that I'm kind of looking forward to the rain that is supposed to come, it will keep me indoors which needs some lovin'.  My floors aren't looking too good and I need to get back on track with decorating.

Speaking of which, I picked up some drapes for the family room, FINALLY!  I stumbled upon these pre-made rod pocket solid drapes when I went to purchase the fabric I planned on using to make drapes with, which they no longer had.  So when I saw these, I about did a flip!  I love the herringbone pattern and they are the right length (not easy to find since I need 108").  I will convert them to pinch pleat and may add a border trim detail.  We'll see.

Next up is finding the perfect rod and hardware, which to be honest, I didn't think was going to be this difficult.  Either the rod isn't right or the mounting hardware isn't right. I've found a rod I like, but it's too wide for the hardware and finial I like. Ugh.  I'm determined to not settle and to keep searching until I find the perfect match.

I also need to try moving some of the furniture in the family around because I desperately want this lamp.  I think it's stunning and would work with the room perfectly:

It's stunning, just stunning.

I've also decided on what to hang above the couch.  That my friends, you will have to wait for the reveal to see. Bwaahaa!

So there you have it! Now, what have you been up to?

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  1. those shoes! caught my eye right away. happy your weekend was so lovely! I am impressed with your skate board skills ;). cheers.

  2. WOW, look at you with your awesome skate board moves!! Your boys are so adorable.


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