A Little Break.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You guys.  The past couple of days have been absolutely nutso.  Just crazy.  A trip to the ER (which lasted 5 hrs), a fridge & freezer that decided to take an impromptu break from working, water being left on for hours (thankfully outside and at a slow trickle, but still).  Oh.my.goodness.  Today was the first day that things seemed to calm down a bit and you have no idea how thankful I am for that.

The unexpected always happens, it's a given.  What's scary is when it's so out of your control and your child's health is at risk.  Poor little J had a nasty eye infection.  After doing what we could here at home, we decided it was best to have him seen by a physician.  Since it was a Sunday & long weekend, emerg was our only option.  He ended up being treated via IV (he was such a trooper) and is now on antibiotics.  The swelling has gone down significantly and he is doing well.  It's not until you are through the thick of it that you realize just how crazy it all was & your emotions run wild.  I'm hugging these boys like crazy and am so thankful that J should be aok.  So thankful it wasn't worse.

So, I will most likely be taking a few days rest from my little ol' blog to take care of our little guys and to get caught up here at home.



  1. oh no! i'm a total wreck when my kids get sick...hope your little one recovers quickly.


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