Kitchen Progress

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Oh yes...progress is being made! You guys, I'm SO excited!

As you know, the builder stopped by last week to discuss the missing kitchen cabinets.  Over the weekend we decided which style of glass cabinets we'd like as well as the depth of the bottom cabinets.

Another feature that we are trying to change is the crown moulding above the kitchen cabinets.  I was under the impression that the upper cabinets along with crown moulding, would go all the way to the ceiling, which they do not.  I've never been happy about this. Had I know that they wouldn't, I would have had something custom made when we finalized the purchase.

I'm absolutely in love with this kitchen featured in the April issue of Style At Home and would love to have something similar added above our cabinets:

I have yet to show the builder this photo, so I'm not sure if it's doable.  Fingers crossed that something can be designed and installed.

We are also going to have a backsplash installed (hallelujah!).  To be honest, I think the builder was slightly shocked when I told him I wanted to go with a white subway tile.  He's showing me loads of contemporary backsplashes, which made me start to question my decision, but alas, I stood my ground. I love white subway tile, so that's what we'll be getting.  I'm now trying to decide what size to go with.  Probably 3x6.  Here is the sample board we brought home, most likely going with the one second from the bottom (the counter looks super yellow, but it's not):

So things are happening....or well, steps in the right direction are happening!  Backsplash should be installed in a few weeks, as for the new cabinets, I'm guessing that will take a few months.



  1. We have white subway tile in our kitchen too. I love it!!

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