Ikea Canada - Top 10 Kitchen Design Questions answered by Janine Love

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

There is no denying the fact that receiving professional interior design advice is absolutely priceless.  So when the wonderful Ikea Canada family asked if I would be willing to share the results of their top 10 kitchen renovation questions, which were answered by their kitchen designer & stylist, Janine Love, there was no question that "yes" would be my answer!

I've pulled a few of the questions to share with you here:

Where do you start first?

I always start by collecting inspiring visual images to get a sense of direction. There are so many amazing inspiring sources - Houzz, Living Etc. and Pinterest, plus a myriad of design mags and books. 
Collect a folder of images and pretty soon you start to see a pattern or consistency in your choices. Put notes on the images to remind you what  you liked about it. ie. the backsplash tile, the cabinet colour/style etc. It’s also important to think about the overall aesthetics of the kitchen space and how  that vision will work within your home. 

Today, many homes have open concept layouts. All of the adjacent spaces should relate to each other from a style, colour and material  perspective. Think about what style and colours you relate to, and use this as  a guide.

Another great exercise is to start playing with layout and design using the IKEA online  planner. It’s a very easy tool to use, allowing you to visualize 3 dimensionally your new  kitchen space. You can also easily change the cabinet style and colour with the click of  a few buttons.

What is a cupboard style or cupboard that is timeless?

Great question, because typically a kitchen renovation is one most people save up for
and don’t undertake very often. Choosing a timeless door style will allow you to update
it occasionally with new accessories, lighting and accent colours. 

While it’s important to
keep your kitchen current, it doesn’t need to follow every trend that comes along.

I like to use a Shaker style door, such as ÄDEL – it’s transitional and can be used in
many different styles of homes. It also has a chameleon-like quality that allows it to
take on both a modern or traditional look depending on what it is paired with. 

For example, in this image I used ÄDEL medium brown with open shelves and classic
white subway tile. The combination of classic materials and finishes helps to create a
traditional bistro style kitchen.

How best to design galley style kitchens?

A galley style kitchen offers work and storage areas on both sides. Its efficient layout
makes it ideal for apartments and small spaces. Regardless of the scale of a galley
kitchen, you’ll want to maximize the work surface as much as possible. 

appliance placement is crucial so that each “work function” is not placed directly next
to or opposite each other. For example, if the sink and dishwasher are placed on one
wall, the opposite wall should include stove and fridge, with counter space allowance
on either side of each appliance. 

Remember that an oven and dishwasher should be
positioned so they can freely be opened, not opposite to each other.

Keep things looking light and spacious by considering the use of light coloured upper
cabinets, simple clean hardware and good task lighting.

Best layouts for appliances/How can I create the perfect "work triangle" in my kitchen to keep it functional, yet stylish?

A well planned kitchen helps to make kitchen work easier and more enjoyable.
Kitchens can be divided into 3 primary work areas; the refrigerator, the stove and the

The “Working triangle” consists of a logical ergonomic arrangement of these 3
areas to make kitchen work easier and more efficient. If the 3 work areas are too close
to each other, multiple people working in the space can get in each other’s way. Too
far away and your work becomes time-consuming. 

Each leg of the working triangle
should measure between 5 to 11 feet in length, with the total length of all 3 legs being
16 to 32 feet. 

Needless to say, it is very important to consider the placement of your
appliances during the planning process.

Great, right?  You can view the rest of the questions and answers such as: how to maximize counter space and how to give your kitchen an inexpensive refresh, here.   You can also find more kitchen inspiration on Ikea Canada's kitchen pinterest page!


*source for all answers and photos


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