Gallery Wall Progress and A Quick & Easy Decorating Idea

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

You guys, I bit the bullet and started the gallery wall in the main floor hallway.  It's kinda silly of me to start since I don't have all of the frames yet (I bought all that they had, they are supposed to be getting more) but I couldn't wait! I was really anxious to get going.

Seriously, this stressed me out a lot more a little more than it should have, I'm sure.  Trying to align them all, well, I think cheap-ing out and not buying a laser level was a mistake.  I need one. it would make life so much easier.

Three rows are up and I'm loving it!


Originally I had only planned on having three rows of three, but the scale was off, so I had to add another row.  I'm going to make the last row a beautiful shade of yellow, need to get them done.

Also, a little tip for you!  I have a vintage demi-lune console in a corner of our kitchen and needed to add a little decorative item in the centre of it.  With nothing on hand, I opted to cover a few cookbooks with some gorgeous Amy Butler scrap-booking paper.  Voila!  The nice thing about this is that 1-it's inexpensive, 2-it took no time at all and 3-you can easily swap the paper when you tire of it.



  1. Those watercolours are lovely!

  2. love the watercolors. OMG it was a nightmare hanging 16 huge pieces perfectly straight in my living room. If I ever have to do it again, I'm hiring someone.

  3. watercolors are light and pretty!!


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