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Sunday, March 10, 2013

So glad you asked.  I'll fill you in.

I started to tackle the pillows for the family room.  Only wish my math skills were a little more above par, or at least at par.  I only had enough to cover one pillow.  Took me two tries to get the whole hidden zipper thing figured out, but it's done and here's a peek at how it looks (polka dot fabric):

It immediately changed the tone of the room.  A little more casual with a touch of personality. I like it.  I think that the other fabric I ordered (this one) will balance everything really well.

I'm thinking of using it to make two pillows for the living room.  Right on...totally.

We inherited a pair of chairs.  They are on my to do list, they need to be recovered.  I'm thinking of going with a beautiful greige linen/linen blend fabric.  We'll most likely be putting them in the upstairs reading nook.  I'm thinking of pairing them with a beautiful saarinen side table.  I spotted one at Homesense and I think the curves from the table will be a great juxtaposition to the chairs:

Little J and I headed to a few shops last week, one of them being the Gap Factory Outlet.  You guys, look at this pea coat that I scored for $27 reg $105. Whoop!

The best part is the leopard print on the inside...just the kind of hidden touch that I love!

Did you see the April issue of House and Home?  How about this EQ3 rug? Isn't it fabulous? Yes, indeed, it is.

Also of note, we are officially on March break. Goodness, it's been awesome.  We are doing nothing, absolutely nothing and it's perfect.



  1. I'm a sucker for a great polka dot print, so obviously I'm in love with your new pillow (and kudos for making it yourself! And what a steal, your new coat, that's exactly the kind of shopping I love :)
    I'm so glad I've discovered your adorable and stylish blog! You've earned yourself a new follower :)

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls


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