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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hello, hello!

If you're following me on instagram or twitter (and if you're not, you must, it's an order...find me here and here.  ha! I's not a must, but I'd love the company) then you know that I'm once again stalking Homesense for a few items.

High on the priority list is a gold sunburst or something along those lines for the living room and a white lamp for the family room.  There are more items on the list, but I'd really like to find these two asap.

This past weekend, Tim, the genius behind Design Maze spotted an amazing find and shared a pic. Get out, right? I know. Stunning.  To know that something so gorgeous may be waiting in a store near me meant that I was heading to both asap.

I did just that and unfortunately, did not find one, but I have no doubt that something similar will pop up if I'm patient enough.

What I did find was an array of beautiful pieces, which of course I just had to share with you:

lamps, lamps and more lamps...just no white lamps. sigh. 

the black lacquered bookcase, the nautical lamps and the ring handle & nailhead trim on the chair. I die.

 brass & glass Ralph Lauren lamp. shut the front door!

these beauties are such a serene and calming shade of blue/grey. perfection

hello glamorous gold foil etagere. omg.

sassy. just sassy.

So I guarantee that I will be at Homesense at least three times a week for the next couple of weeks. What can I say, it's the truth.  Not only is it the truth, but it will pay off and it's how you've gotta work if you really want to find that gem.



  1. oh those Ralph brass lamps! I too am looking for good white lamps. What us homesense stalkers will do! fun post.

  2. In the states our Homesense is called Home Goods. I go their at least once a week. I would love to find that chair in the states.

  3. Home sense is stepping up!! I love shopping vicariously!!!


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