Pretty Friday. Sunburst Envy

Friday, March 22, 2013

I have to be honest, I'm sitting here studying and wondering how on earth I'm going to do this.  I have moments of pure & utter confusion and self doubt.  Every time I study something, I find more to study. Don't get me wrong, I realize that there is a whole lot to know and I'm prepared to work hard to learn it all, but it scares me when I find things to study that I didn't even think about!  Doing this on your own vs going to school is so intimidating!


I think experience is key.  Combine experience with knowledge and you'll be okay.  It's just going to take time and I have to remember that I have the time.  Little J isn't going to be in school full time until 2014.  I think by then, that I will should be somewhat ready to start doing some type decorating on a very small scale.  What exactly? I'm still unsure. But I have the time.

Two things before I sign off for the weekend.

First, I love this quote:

“Patience - the gift of being able to see past the emotion. ” - Rodney Williams


And second.  Don't forget to enter the Gallery Wall giveaway.  It's a good one peeps!

Happy weekend.


  1. What a pretty space. Love the plethora of pillows! HAve a great weekend Julie!

  2. The sunburst: not doing it for me. However the blue cushions with the touch of pink, the tufted bench and the white chairs I am all over!
    All I can offer in your quest is "If the path were easy everyone would do it."Someone said that to me once and its stuck. I totally believe in you. You have such a gift.

  3. Martha Stewart line has a sunburst mirror, almost identical, and it sells at Home Depot for $30!!


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