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Friday, February 8, 2013

Hey, hey, hey!

If you live in Ontario (like us), chances are you are in the midst of a mega snowstorm.  I can't wait to shovel, yeah, not really.  Although truth be told, shovelling is a pretty darn good workout.  Perhaps that will burn away some of the calories I downed earlier in the week when I made the butter tarts that were featured in Style At Home's January issue.  I ate too many, way too may and am ashamed. Sigh.

In other news, yesterday I finally tackled the chairs that came with the vintage dining room set that we purchased in December.  We weren't too fond of how they looked with the table, so we decided to try them in the kitchen.  I wasn't overly in love with the brown leather parsons chairs that were in the kitchen, so it was worth a try.

Little J and I headed off to Fabricland and found a great outdoor fabric (perfect for those of you with little kids because 1- it's easy to clean and 2- it has a protectant to help prevent stains).  Another plus, it was on clearance, $8 from $24. Bam!

I bought a meter to test out and I managed to cover four chairs.  Now, this is the first time I've ever done this.  All of those who said it was super simple were super telling the truth.  It took no time and was painless.  If you're looking to recover your kitchen chairs, this is a great video on how to do it. I went the very simple route. Didn't take the old fabric off and didn't add any extra cushioning.

Here is a before and after shot:

And here is how they look with the kitchen table:

(four down, two to go)

I was a tad bit worried about how the black would look with the wood and I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with this print, but I think it works.  If I get sick of it, it will be easy enough to change.  The kitchen feels airier now, something I wasn't expecting but that was a pleasant surprise.  The chairs will eventually need to be re-stained, so I'll do my best to match them to the table when the time comes.

Next up is making the drapes (going to be the same as those in the family room and will look similar to these). Then we'll need a carpet for under the table and the last thing on the kitchen to-do list is a backsplash, which will most likely be white subway tiles.  Can't wait!

With that, I hope you have one fantastic weekend!



  1. Oh these are fab Julie
    Good job, can you call to my house next!


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