It's Happening.

Monday, February 18, 2013

You guys, things are happening and I'm so excited.  Decisions have been made, direction has been found.  It's all good. I can't wait to share more with you in the coming weeks/months.

What I can share with you right now is my latest find.  Funk and Gruven has done it again!  Remember the cabinet that I mentioned here.  Well, I went to check it out and totally loved it.  It's nothing overly fancy, but the shape and size were perfect for what we plan on using it for (housing hubs stereo receiver).

It will most likely be placed beside the couch even though it's a few inches taller.  It works, so we're going with it.  It's currently tucked in a corner until we figure out the rest of the room (working on it, I promise).

Here's a peek of it in the room:

I originally thought of painting it off white/cream but I dunno, I'm digging the black.

There's still quite a lot to buy for this room.  Picture(s) to hang above the couch, artwork for other walls. Accessories and of course, drapery.  This room is taking precedence over the living room since it's the most used room in the house.  I just need to make some decisions and then everything will start coming together.



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