Happy Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Well, happy Valentine's day friends! Such a lovely day, isn't it? Will you be doing anything special to celebrate?

I plan to bake a heart shaped cake for the kiddos while the older two are at school.  Of course it will be adorned with cinnamon hearts, can't say no to them!

Yesterday's post is fresh in my mind.  I'm still trying to figure out just what it is that I need to do and what will work best for our lifestyle.

In the meantime, the family room and kitchen drapery situation is still unsolved.  I had thought that linen was out of the question and that twill was the way to go, until I received some gorgeous samples from Tonic Living.  I'm loving the combo below:

They both look superb with the paint and are the perfect tone for the rest of the room.  You can find them here and here.  Incase you missed it, this is what I'd like them to look like.  My only concern is that I will quickly tire of the plum.  I think it would be relatively easily to switch it out once/if ever want to, but do I really want to ever have to do that?
It looks a little beaten up, but I'm thinking with a touch of off white spray paint it will come right back to life. I wouldn't want to keep it dark because I desperately want to brighten this room up.  I'll have to go and see it in person to see what exactly I'd be working with.

I don't think that this picture does them justice.  Will have to see if I can ever get to the store to see them in person.  It's tough because we are working with dark brown leather. I want to brighten up the space but to have it cohesive without being overly feminine.  I wouldn't mind finding a floral fabric with the same colours above.

Once the drapery has been selected and pillows, then I can move on to everything else.

I'd like to stick with a drum shade because that's what we have in the kitchen and I think it will balance everything off.  Maybe a black shade instead of white or cream.  I'll have to test them out.  Not sure about the straight lines though, curves may be needed to soften up the room.  There are already a lot of straight lines.

Phew. That's that.  We are getting there.  I'll be extremely happy once the drapery situation is all sorted out (and I'm sure you will be too, enough already, right?!).  It's going to cost a pretty penny even with me making them myself, but it'll be SUCH a great investment.

If you're wondering about the living room, well, it's on standby for now.  I'm searching for a few pieces and so far, I haven't had any luck.  The above cabinet may actually work in the living room, I'll know once I see it in person.

Well, go on now and give your loved ones a hug.  Let them know how special they are!

Happy day loves!


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  1. I just bought heart shape cookie cutters and am so excited to make jam sandwich cookies. I've never done it but they look so cute in the book. I would love the glass lamp with a curve, sleek, sexy, not too feminine. Love it!


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