Doing It Your Way.

Monday, February 4, 2013

This past weekend as I was scouring the internet and magazines for inspiration & ideas for curtains in the family room, this overwhelming feeling of being completely bummed out came over me.  It wasn't fun.  So I closed the computer and put away the magazines and went to do something else.

Later in the day, it occurred to me that sometimes, I rely wayyyy too much on sites like pinterest and Houzz.  I will search sites until I find an example of what I'm thinking of doing or something close to what I have in mind.  You see the problem with that is, you can't always decorate the way that others are.  You can't only do something because someone else has done it.

You don't need permission to decorate your way.

Le duh.

I mean, your home is your place to decorate the way you see fit.  I'm not creating the space for anyone else, I'm decorate this space for us, so it should reflect our taste.

Why do I always forget this?!

I always fear I'm going to make a mistake (like the lamp that I bought for the family room & had to have and now I can't stand the thing and want to get rid of it asap) and something won't play out or look the way I envisioned it. But honestly, what's the problem with that?!  Nothing, just return the piece or cut your loss and move on, find something new.

I have to remember to use the internet for inspiration and not for a play by play on how to put the rooms together. I need to have confidence in my choices and decisions and I have to be okay with making mistakes.  That's the road to getting it right.  One step at a time.

Now, hopefully you don't think I'm too crazy after reading this, and perhaps it sounds like I'm talking to myself (which in a way, I kind of am).  I just want to get it out there, I want a reminder.

Okay, as you were.



  1. You're totally not crazy, Julie. I know just how you fell. In the end you have to live in the space so as long as you and your family love it that is what's most important! Go with your gut!


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