Plum it is!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hello, hello! How is everyone? Anyone else sluggish and having a tough time getting back into the swing of things?  I'm so very thankful for coffee, that's all I can say. ha!

Well, Mrs. Indecisive here has finally chosen a colour palette for the living room.  If you're following me on pinterest, then you probably already know this.  We're going to go with muted plums, purples, greys, I may try to throw a touch of aqua since there is some in the rug (love and love)...we'll see.

Now that I have finally made a decision, the ball seems to be rolling.  I'm sourcing fabrics to make some pillows with and am trying to find some fabulous curtains.  For the curtains, I'm planning on going with dupioni silk, plums...two shades, lighter on the top and then a darker shade for the 1/4 of the bottom.  I was kind of hoping I could cheat by buying pre-made curtains and then sewing the bottom colour on myself, but it looks as though I may just have to make them entirely on my own.

A few photos from my sourcing:

top left: are pre-made drapes, would have worked perfectly but they didn't have enough of them, darn.  bottom left: potential fabric for bottom portion of drapes.  right: potential fabric for pillows 

In other news, I finally hung up the three prints I purchased a while back in the entry.  Oh-my-goodness!  What an unbelievable difference.  Love them all!

I haven't lost my itch to check out Kijiji every now and then.  I saw this little table and immediately went to check it out (it was at a small, local thrift shop).  For $29 I figured I couldn't go wrong.  The legs are so gorgeous.

Also pretty excited about this newness from Gap.  Plaid and ruffles, so awesome!  Also awesome, short lengths of my hair are finally a good length, thank heavens!  Get yours here.

Keep on smiling, friends.



  1. That table is such an amazing find! And I love the fabrics you've chosen!

  2. The fabrics are lovely. And grey is so nice with purples and plums. And the top is totally cute!


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