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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Friends, how are you doing?  Hope you enjoyed seeing our Christmas tree!

Yesterday hubs, little J and I headed to Kingston to get some shopping done.  We typically go there once every couple of weeks to shop at stores that we don't have here.  One of them being Costco, which is where I decided to go to get my Cozamia print framed.  It should be ready in 2 weeks....perfect! Just in time for the holidays.  I went with a slightly simple black frame.  I had hoped to get a gold frame, but alas, it wasn't to be.  I figure I can always spray this one gold in the future.  So that's done.

Then we stopped at Homesense (of course).  The store there is quite a bit bigger than the one here, so the selection is that much better.  They didn't have the table I was looking for but they did have two identical round, fabric ottomans with tufted tops. I eyed them for a bit but couldn't think of where I'd use them, so there they stayed.

Then of course, shortly after arriving back home I realized that they would have been absolutely perfect for the entryway.  Gah!  The thing is that Kingston is about 35-40 mins from here.  So it's not far, but it's far enough.  I seriously had to have them.  Not only were they the perfect size and made with the perfect fabric, but they were on clearance.  I die.  So I phoned the store, they confirmed that they were still there.  Today, little J and I headed back to Kingston to pick the ottomans up.  I literally giggled when I walked into the store and spotted them at the front.  Meant to be.  Even more of a reason to giggle, they had been marked down by another $29!  What?! Seriously, yes!  So I ended getting them for 1/2 the original price.  Again, I die.

the ottomans 

in place

The whole inspiration for working on the entryway was this video of Meredith Heron (that wallpaper!!!) on Steven and Chris.  I love how she says that the entryway is your chance to go bold because it's a transition area.  And although these aren't drastically bold, they add character.  The ottomans along with the three prints that I ordered will create a statement upon walking into our home, at least I hope they will! ha!

Entryway progress: we're getting there.

Have you seen the latest issue of Style At Home? You need to.  Christine from Bijou and Boheme kitchen is featured along with her living room.  It's unreal, you've got to see it.  She and Meredith Heron created an stunning kitchen that we will all be keeping in our mental rolodex's.  Go get your copy now!

Oh yes.  I've been working on painting this piece of furniture that we've been storing in our basement.  I'll be placing it beneath my Jen Ramos print in the kitchen.  Amazing what a touch of paint can do, isn't it?!


after coat #1

And that's that!


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