Happy Dancing!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I tell ya friends, today was a great day.  The chairs, I mean the chairs arrived!  Oh goodness, I seriously did a happy dance. I fear that the men delivering the chairs may have tagged me as crazy but in the name of happiness, I'm fine with that.

I'm just so thankful.  I mean, it's just so amazing when something you've wanted for so long is finally yours.  Patience seriously pays off, believe dat!

So there they sit, ever so lovely in our living room.  Placement, yet to be determined since the Christmas tree is taking up a good amount of space.

 good heavens that room needs to get finished!

I'm now really wanting to get the coffee table that I mentioned before painted.  I know you probably also think that I'm a tad bit crazy for wanting to paint it a very, very, very light shade of pink, but I dunno...it's just something that I want to try.  Can't hurt right? I mean, in the end, if it looks absolutely ridiculous, it will be me repainting it.  So I'll take yet another chance.

I am however, having a tough time choosing the perfect shade.  You see yes, I do want there to be pink in the colour, but I'm not sure how much.  I don't want people to walk in and say "whoa, that is a pink table!" and then proceed to tell my husband that I need to get my head checked.  I'd much prefer a "is that table pink?" and you can really see them trying to figure it out, because they can't be sure without me telling them.  You know?  We'll see.  Gosh I hope I'm not posting about a major pink table fail in a few weeks! Ha!

So the table and a possible antique buffet or antique china cabinet are needed asap and this room will feel much more complete.  Then onto decorative items and art.



  1. They are even more fab in your lounge, Julie

  2. I love these chairs. Where did you get this?


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