The Truth Is...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friends, how are things? How are the temps where you are?  We're seeing hints of fall and as I mentioned here, I'm pretty stoked about that.

We woke up to the most beautiful fog the other morning.  Here is a picture I snapped of it:

my own photo

With that, here are this weeks truths:

  • I've never been much of a patient person but am realizing how amazing it really is, in regards to almost anything in life.  patience and I are now friends
  • I adore those nights when everyone is happy and things go along smoothly and we can all genuinely relax as a family, so very priceless
  • it's time to get my DYI on.  I have a list written out and am hoping to get one done each week and of course, I'll share them with you...fingers crossed I stay on track
  • I'm digging purple in a crazy way. look out house and closet!
  • I love combining different lipsticks to get the exact shade I'm wanting.  add a dark plum to a light pink and you'll love the result!
  • I caught a frog yesterday. yes.I.did.  sort of amazed myself and was totally freaking out inside, but the kids thought I was pretty darn cool.  he was hanging out in one of my flower pots at the front of the house.  so we caught him and let him go in the field behind our house, his home.
Have a lovely weekend, friends!



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