A Week: Outfits and happenings

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Tuesday!  This week is the first week that I am able to legitimately wear boots, which of course, makes me happy.  I love boot season.  We swapped out the summer flowers in our gardening pots for fall ones and the slow cooker is being dusted off.  It's officially fall and I'm loving it!

I have to say that I'm really impressed with the tops that I recently purchased from Old Navy.  The addition of print and light weight fabric tops to my closet has made me content.  I didn't realize how much I needed this.  It's nice to have found my style, at least I think I've found it!

Here are a few outfits from this past week and a few other happenings:

polka dots for our Costco shopping trip, oh, and crazy hair.... 

I have to say that this is one of my most recent favourite outfits. comfy. top can be found here 

I have never been much of a baker, but when I saw this recipe, I knew it would be perfect for kiddo one's 8th bday

finished and absolutely delicious! I will be doing more baking, I can tell you that! 

le sigh...this mirror. I love it. can't wait to get a pair of chairs for the living room and then we'll hang it up. 

sunglasses.  that is all. 

oh, hello boots.  first time wearing them this season, I love these boots. hidden wedge and really comfortable. similar pair here.

I almost never tuck my shirts in, ever.  today, I did.


The Truth Is...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hip hip, hooray! It's Friday!!!!  Anyone else beyond glad that it's the weekend? I can't even being to tell you how excited I am to sleep in tomorrow.

Alright, right to the truth is....

  • today is kiddo #1's 8th bday.  I can't believe he's already 8, it's just insane!  He's no longer a little kid, he's requiring more independence and is quickly losing those "little boy" habits.  It's just so bittersweet, where did the time go?!
  • we've been hit by a nasty sinus cold and I was literally down for the count.  I very rarely succumb to colds, but honestly, I couldn't function. I was so thankful to have hubby home vs away on a trip.  Nothing worse than feeling absolutely horrible and having to run a house on your own.
  • I'm baking cupcakes for kiddos bday.  He loves nutella and I had remembered seeing this recipe over at Rosie's amazing website. So, I thought I'd throw my baking hat on and give them a try! I even bought decorating set for the frosting.  Yes.I.Did.
  • as I mentioned here, I've added some prints to my wardrobe.  they make me smile, I can't believe it's taken me this long
  • speaking of love, I used to absolutely love, love, love Mariah Carey.  did you? I loved her style, her music, her hair, just loved her. Like, seriously, loved her!  I was watching muchmusic the other day and this video came on and I had such a flashback.

So, with that. Happy weekend friends!


In A Week

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Is there a chill in the air where you are?  It was pretty chilly here yesterday morning, kind of threw me for a loop.  Don't get me wrong, I love that you can feel that fall is right around the corner, but I wasn't ready for 4C.  I love a gradual change in temp, this was a little more than that!

Anyhow, here's a quick peek at what happened around here this week via, you guessed it, instagram (you can find me under the name: elliven)

back on track on getting this house decorated after sourcing inspiration 

absolutely loving my oiajules pave ball bracelet, gorgeous and the owner, Elizabeth, is such a sweetheart!

my attempt to add more prints to my wardrobe! 

sourcing benches for the nook upstairs.  sitting on this one...har har 

how stinkin' cute are the hearts on this top? I know, right? love it and it's super comfy. get yours here 

thanks lil sis for the new jacket! muah! 

nope, they aren't real, but I still love them 

love the colour of this fabric!

Hoping that you've enjoyed a lovely weekend so far, friends!


The Problem With Decorating

Monday, September 17, 2012

Well, it can be darn frustrating.  Most of the time, I feel as though I have a perfectly clear idea as to how I want to decorate our house.  I have a game plan for each and every room and know just how I want them to look once finished.

Then I have days that I feel completely lost and clueless.  I feel as though I don't have a clue as to what I want or what I'm looking for.  Days like today.  I have to admit, I'm slightly frustrated today.  Days like today are an eye opener.

Often times I have to remind myself that a) I'm not a decorator or designer b) even designers get things wrong and c) to take a chill pill.

You see, it will come together, I'm sure it will but I need to be patient.  I need to take a step back, grab my magazines, hope online and search for inspiration.  I have to accept that some items will look great in the store, but not in my house or not when I intended on putting them.  This is what will get me back on track, crossing my arms and pouting isn't going to get a room finished.

Today, is a perfect example of what not to do.  What brought this on?  I'll show you.

I spotted this table and loved it!  Thought I finally found the perfect coffee table for the living room:

Then I got to thinking about how it would look with the side tables I recently purchased and the gold mirror that I'm waiting to hang:

Hmmmm, not so sure anymore.  I know that there are "rules" to decorating, you don't mix this with that or that with this.  But truth, I don't know even 1/8 of them.  I buy what I like and hope that they all go well together, that's how I work.  So yes, back to the table and thinking......so then I think that I don't know what I'm doing, that I'm just flying by the seat of my pants and well that there, just bothers me to no end.  Am I going to buy the table? I might try it out to see how it looks.

Then I had a second fail.  I jumped for joy when I saw this painting.  It has texture, it was the right colours and the right size.  I thought for sure that it would look fantastic above the couch in the family room.

Nope, not so much.  Two fails in one day, not good.

And that's when taking a step back has to happen.  I need to get back on the right track and not take things so personally.  It's not a reflection of me having poor taste.  Pull yourself together Julie.

So here's to encouraging you to keep going if you ever at times feel this way too.  We'll get there, that's a promise.


The Truth Is...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friends, how are things? How are the temps where you are?  We're seeing hints of fall and as I mentioned here, I'm pretty stoked about that.

We woke up to the most beautiful fog the other morning.  Here is a picture I snapped of it:

my own photo

With that, here are this weeks truths:

  • I've never been much of a patient person but am realizing how amazing it really is, in regards to almost anything in life.  patience and I are now friends
  • I adore those nights when everyone is happy and things go along smoothly and we can all genuinely relax as a family, so very priceless
  • it's time to get my DYI on.  I have a list written out and am hoping to get one done each week and of course, I'll share them with you...fingers crossed I stay on track
  • I'm digging purple in a crazy way. look out house and closet!
  • I love combining different lipsticks to get the exact shade I'm wanting.  add a dark plum to a light pink and you'll love the result!
  • I caught a frog yesterday. yes.I.did.  sort of amazed myself and was totally freaking out inside, but the kids thought I was pretty darn cool.  he was hanging out in one of my flower pots at the front of the house.  so we caught him and let him go in the field behind our house, his home.
Have a lovely weekend, friends!



Thursday, September 13, 2012

The temps have dipped a tad here which means that jeans are back in rotation.  Although, I do have to say that putting on your jeans after wearing shorts for a few months isn't always a great feeling.  I think a run, or two are needed.

I love fall, I've said it a million times and would gladly shout it from the rooftops.  I find dressing for fall to be much easier.  I've made an effort to take that extra time to put together outfits this week.  I'm by no means a fashion blogger, but I find that by taking outfit pics, I make more of an effort to go that extra mile.  I tend to lean towards items that are comfortable, but that doesn't mean that they have to be drab.  Adding a necklace or scarf will take a plain t-shirt to the next level, easy peasy!

Here are a few outfits from this past week.  Bright t-shirts, stripes and cozy jackets.

lucky brand jeans, gap military jacket, gap t, coach flats, bfrend mini bracelet (in pink)

old navy top, lucky brand jeans, aldo sandals (and crazy curls)

 gap threadless t-shirt, lucky brand jeans, jeweliq necklace

Olympic Team Canada jean jacket, gap always skinny black pants, gap tshirt, aldo shoes 

showing off my new jake + cleo necklace, gap sweater

Are you stoked that fall is right around the corner?  And seriously, how about them pumpkin spice lattes?  Mmmmm.


The Truth Is...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh dear, a day late with this post.  My apologies friends.

Here we go:

  • the kids started school this week.  kiddo one had a bunch of nerves and it showed when I went to peek on him after dropping them off.  a few tears and a few hugs later, he mustered up the courage to head back into class.  I was so proud of him but felt awful leaving.  happy to report that he got off of the bus smiling
  • life is different than it was in Winnipeg.  I am no longer shuttling the kids to and from school and they aren't home for lunch anymore.  I miss seeing them at lunch but am happy that they are doing so well with the change
  • I am thankful to have time to put make up on in the morning now that the kids are older.  I never realized how limited time was before, it's nice to have some "me" time in the morning again
  • I went to Yorkdale Mall in Toronto yesterday and I couldn't help but wonder if I would run into one of my fellow Toronto bloggers.  How fun would that be?!
  • speaking of Yorkdale, I went to Zara for the very first time and loved so many pieces.  Unfortunately the visit to that store was short lived as kiddo three wasn't into it (can't wait to go back!)
  • and last but not least, I joined the bubble necklace club yesterday and finally understand what all of the hype is about.  I think I may need a few more in different colours (shirt is from Old Navy, I'm loving it, you can find it here):

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend, friends!


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