Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yeah, I'm not sure about the title either, but let's just go with it okay?

Another busy week here, how are things there?  We registered the kiddos for school on Monday and were able to get a tour as well.  I guess I was pretty anxious about all of this because once we sat back in the car, I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  We weren't able to go in to the school until this point, or meet any of the staff, so there were a lot of unknowns.  But I'm happy to report that the staff is phenomenal, the boys teachers are kind and the school, even though it's not new like our old one, is great.  They will love going to school there!

Okay, since this week has been a busy one, I'm posting an instagram update for you.  A few bits of the last week here:

I'm not kidding you when I say our house is a lego zone.  We have loads and the kids love it, which I love.  We spent this particular day looking for Darth Vader's body. 

incase you missed it, I shared a quick and easy ready-made solution for storing your necklaces earlier in the week.  You can find the post here

my new Roxy sweater.  I honestly think that I could take flight thanks to the sleeves on this baby.  PS it's super comfy!

as you know, the dresser is all finished.  we now have a distinct "his" and "hers" dressers which we like and find kind of funny.  I'm planning on buying a fab ottoman to place between the two dressers and am hoping to find a great ampersand print to hang above the ottoman to silently state the "his and hers"

a quick little reminder to take the time to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, mini begonias

I found the rest of the clutches and am now trying to decide what to do with them.  I may open up the shop temporarily to sell them off.  I'll keep you posted!

still cooped up indoors due to allergies. So, we're doing some baking!

my quest to accessorize continues.  I rocked a bit of neon thanks to this Gap scarf!
 here's an example as to why it's so important to get clothing in the right size.  one of the left was a tad too big, so I went one size down and voila, perfect fit!  you can find the jacket here at Gap.

I'm working on adding some fantastic new accessories to my stash.  Picked up this necklace from Le Mode, this great Baby-G by Casio and gorgeous heels from Aldo.
and lastly, never underestimate what a necklace can do to a simple/casual outfit.


  1. I love following your accessory'grams... I think I need to follow your lead although I'm not sure how you can look so put together with 3 kiddos?!

    1. Sara, you are so kind! Thank you...glad you enjoy them. This is all new, I only now feel as though I have the energy to put towards accessorizing because the kids are a tad older. I'm having a blast!

  2. So cute, I'm jealous that you have a kitchen aid!


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