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Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Monday friends!

I know why it is that I'm so determined to decorate our house and not leave it as is.  I love beautiful spaces and rooms like those above just get me totally excited.  I want to walk into our house and feel proud vs feeling as though it's "okay".  I want to look around and love the pieces we've chosen.  To me, that's important.

Now, I'm by no means a designer!  When it comes to history and what era pieces came from, I'm clueless, it's just the truth.  BUT!  I do know what I like and I think that's enough to carry me through this project and I'm SO excited about it!

We are slowly getting there.  Some rooms are further along than others, but that's fine by me.  There will be no rushing to finish a room, it will be an organic process.  Plus, it costs money to decorate an entire house and well, we didn't move in to a house with a money tree in the backyard!  So patience is key here and that's fine by me!

With that, you have got to see this mirror that I found at Homesense last week.  I'm planning on hanging it in the living room.  It honestly makes me feel glamorous and as I mentioned on twitter and instagram, anything that is capable of doing that is well worth keeping!



  1. I agree Julie! I have been decorating our house piece by piece and hope to have a finished result that feels like us:)
    Love your mirror find! So beautiful!

  2. What you said are my exact thoughts! We're in the process of getting our first home and I stay up at night looking at pictures like the ones above and dreaming about it translated into our soon to be new place! It will be so much fun, but it will be a looong process for sure :)


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