The Truth Is....

Friday, August 31, 2012

Well, that's that.  Summer vacation is nearly over.  The two older kiddos will be hopping on the bus and heading to their new school on Tuesday.  Time to get back to reality I suppose.   Truth is, we'll be making the most of the next few days, relaxing and enjoying what's left of the summer holidays.  Stretching it out as much as we can.

Now for some lovely Friday truths...

  • My sister brought over a box of my things that had been stored at her house for a few years now. In that box was all of my gymnastics clothes, including my very first team uniform. I was honestly near tears when I discovered it.  Never realized just how much it meant to me to make the team.  I couldn't resist rocking a few jumps (seen above) after I put on my warm up suit (wearing the jacket in the photo)
  • I was really stressed about the kids going to this new school.  They will be taking the bus for the first time (I used to drop them off and pick them up and they used to come home for lunch) and I'm nervous.  I know it will be fine, heck, I did it when I was their age, but it's a form of letting go....and change.  But after touring the school and meeting their teachers and a little Q & A with the Vice-Principal, I'm ready as are the kids.  This school year is going to rock.
  • I'm gearing up for fall and am totally excited. I think fall is by far my favourite season.  I'm looking forward to wearing flats, jeans and sweaters.  Bring a week!
  • We're slowly beginning to think about Christmas, I know, seriously, right?! But, it's that time of year and we need to get organized (I start shopping in September)
  • I made a friend, she lives on our street and her husband is also an Air Force pilot.  It's nice to have a friend who lives so close.
  • I'm still on the hunt for some fab arm candy, if you have a go to shop, please do share by leaving a comment below.  I'd be forever grateful!
  • did you catch the nekked pictures of Prince Harry.  What a jolly fellow he is, huh? That guy!
Well, friends....I hope you enjoy a fabulous long weekend!



  1. I have moved many times as well, so I know how it is being new to the whole neighbourhood and school! Good luck! As for arm candy, Wrist Soiree, an etsy shop by blogger Lakeitha Duncan. Her bracelets are similar to bfrend... and of course I love Stella and Dot!

    1. Thanks, Barbara! It's definitely nice to have made a friend who completely understands and can relate to this crazy military life that we live! Thank you so much for recommending Lakeitha's shop, I hadn't seen it before! Fantastic! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful long weekend so far.


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