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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friends, honestly....can you believe that we are heading into the last week of August?!  I know for some of you, school has already started.  Our kids don't go back until after the long weekend, so last week will be our last week of summer holidays.

A few truths from this past week:
  • the bugs like us, or so we are guessing.  we had to tackle a wasps nest that was inside of the downspout near our front door.  Umm, really? Inside the downspout?! Yeah. There were over 35 of those stingers in there, would have been a disaster if the kids or a guest accidentally bumped into it!
  • to add to the wasps, the other night a gazillion itsy bitsy flies managed to squeeze their way into our bedrooms through the window screens when we opened the windows up at night.  nothing like vacuuming a gazillion itsy bitsy bugs off of your ceiling at 10:45pm!
  • allergy eyes are a pain to apply make up to. non.stop.watering.
  • my new watch arrived and it has analog vs digital time.  I honestly have to stop to think to figure out the time whenever I look at it.  apparently I've had a watch with a digital clock for a wee bit too long!
  • I decided mid week that I'm no longer visiting Homesense everyday.  I know, it seems so silly that I was ever doing that, but I thought I had it all figured out.  Now, I just feel frustrated because they just aren't getting the items I want.  I think it's time that I just bite the bullet and head to Toronto for a shopping trip.
  • I need a haircut.
  • I bought a bag of chocolate almonds and hid them at the back of the fridge on the bottom shelf (we like keeping them in the fridge).  why? so that my husband wouldn't see them.  he eats more than his fair share and this time, I didn't feel like sharing.  please don't tell him.
Have a fabulous weekend friends, see you Monday!


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