Organizing Your Baubles.

Monday, August 27, 2012

I can vividly remember my very first set of pearls (well, they were more like iridescent plastic balls attached to some type of waxy string, but hey, I was 7 and it fooled me!).  It was Christmas, they were pink and I loved them.

There's just something to be said about having a gorgeous necklace around your neck, be it a statement or delicate piece.  And for those of you, who like me have more than your fair share of somewhat plain shirts in your closet, well, I'll tell you that a necklace is the perfect way to dress up your outfit.  Honestly, necklaces along with scarves are probably my go-to accessory because they are both easy to wear and can truly have a huge impact on your outfit!

With the growth of my necklace collection comes the need to up my organization game.  Hanging them around a hanger juuuuust isn't cutting it anymore.

There are a slew of options out there when it comes to organizing your baubles.  Just head on over to Pinterest and type in "necklace organizer" and bam, there you go!  There are some DIY's in there and some photos of what others have opted to do along with organizers that you can purchase.  If you're not digging the DIY route, Etsy has quite a few ready made options as well.  I once again typed in "necklace organizer" and here's what I got.

I'm really liking this and this.

I've opted for ready made.  I saw these fantastic photo boxes at Homesense a little while ago and thought that they would do the job perfectly.  They come with pins (although I think I may eventually swap them out with some nicer ones) and are ready to hang.

there we go! now to hang it up on the wall!

I chose a box with straight lines, but they had several different styles to choose from, here's another:

So, how do you organize your baubles?



  1. Love this idea! I hand mine a a tree that is supposed to be for photos...but this would be perfect for the new ones that don't fit!

  2. Oh I love the way you organized your baubles. Its nice to have them hanging and also so that you can see them and know your options;)
    Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Great idea! I use a iron deer antler to hang mine. Love keeping them organized! Although some are still in a tangle mess from my move last month.


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