Happy Friday!

Friday, August 10, 2012

These sweet floral beauties continue to make me smile.

No big plans for the weekend here, we're still plugging away, trying to get things finished around the house before the school year begins (still can't believe it's nearly mid August!).

I hope you all enjoy one fabulous weekend and that the weather is a tad bit more enjoyable wherever you are!



  1. First I saw you and liked your style on Instagram which led me to your blog. Your house is gorge. I am so amazed at how quickly you are getting things set up. We have lived in our new house for a year now and I have only put up a mirror..ugh. I'm now a follower..p.s. I hope you don't mind if I head down to my nearest Homesense to copy you:)


    1. Becca! Thank you SO much for your kind words and for the follow. I think I've hit a small roadblock and will be slowing things down slightly. Just having a tough time finding the items I'm wanting for the house. By all means hit up Homesense asap lol! It's a great store for all things home related! enjoy!

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