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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Friends, how are things?  So really, how did we ever live without instagram? I honestly love it...and am constantly refreshing the screen to see what everyone is up to.  So, I thought I'd share a little recap via instagram (you can find me by the way under the name elliven) here on the blog:

1- the lovely drive over the bridge, on our way to the beach
2- dreamy skies
3-one of the best things about July, three birthdays in our house = lots of yummy cake
4- new couch + old pillow. the living room, a work in progress
5- supplies have been purchased, time to tackle the kitchen drapes!
6- we can all use a little cuddle time
7- fab pillows found at Homesense aka my second home
8- so happy someone loves the rug in it's new place
9- had I seen this amazing console before we moved, I would have purchased it without hesitation.  But, we don't have a special place for it, so I left it behind.  Another Homesense find by the way.

And that's that.  Are you on instagram?  Aren't you loving it?



  1. oh my! that console is awesome, would work perfectly behind our sofa. maybe a trip to homesense is in my future today!! also, i agree, instagram is far and away my favourite way to share and keep up with others :)


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