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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friends, the neglect continues, doesn't it? My sincere apologies, truly.  I think I'm slowly getting my energy back.  A little cold, a crazy amount of stress from selling the house and organizing our upcoming move = one tired gal!  This month is/has been totally insane and in all honesty it doesn't look as though it will get any better until it's over!  April will be the month in which we can relax and resume a normal way of life, I'm very much looking forward to that.

Unfortunately I just haven't had any time to blog....I feel so off not blogging.  I didn't realize how much I love it and need it.  So for now, I will share some instagram photos that I've posted the past week or so.


I went on a slight shopping spree at Aldo...I think shoe shopping is my therapy during crazy times.  I bought these fab black boots, the pair in the pic below as well as these.  Such amazing deals, I just couldn't pass them up...right?! 

casual day (wearing these boots in brown)

ladies night! shirt can be found here

toes and nails getting some love

new super cute flats from Aldo (they look much better in person)

some quite time...ahhhh

everyone needs a little zebra print in their life! new traveling case

So I hope to be back to blogging in April.  I will pop in whenever I can until then.  Please stick with me!!!  I will have info on our move in April as well, can't wait to share!



  1. Loving those Essie colours! They are perfect for Springtime :)

  2. I love your ladies night outfit! The light neutrals and hot pink look fantastic together!!

    Natasha ~

  3. Hi Friend! I just wanted to say hello and that I have been thinking of you. A break is nice sometimes!
    Have a blessed easter with your family!
    x, Anna


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