What's in the bag?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thought I'd take the time do the infamous "what's in the bag" post!

Sooooo, here we go!

1 - the lovely Coach purse that hubs bought me for xmas (love the grey interior)
2- my new "Little Pink Book" a place to write my notes
3- iphone sleeve (made by yours truly) and iphone
4- epipen incase someone tries to feed me peanuts (yup, I'm allergic)
5- delicious watermelon gum
6- make up bag (full of mac lipglass!)
7- trusty wallet
8- ipod
9- yummy smelling hand cream
10- granola bar (you never know when hunger will strike!)
11- antibacterial wash
12- pen

I don't switch purses all that often, maybe once or twice a month and it's probably because I'm a tad bit lazy, but we won't admit that (wait, just did, didn't I....).

Hope you enjoyed this edition of "what's in the bag"



  1. I just love your tote bag! so cool!
    And looks like we are both gum chewers! :)
    A fun peak into the bag!

  2. That's it?! Actually, it's about I would expect from a neat and organized person ;) I aspire to have a purse like yours!

  3. I love how you have everything and it's so neat and organized. Cute bag too!


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