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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wear pink!

Because pink just makes me happy.

Yesterday we didn't get up to much, and because of that, I went for an uber casual & comfy cozy outfit.    A simple white long sleeved shirt, topped with a deep V hot pink top and both paired with one of my fav jeans.

I made progress with my photo taking and allowed hubs to take the pics of me vs using a tripod (much easier).  I am normally a total dork when someone is taking a photo of me and because of that, I end up making the most awkward faces....hoping to improve on that!  I also would like to venture outdoors to take the pics, more options that way.



  1. You're do pretty! I totally get the feeling awkward thing though. I'd day you're doing excellent.

  2. can we say gorgeous?? i feel awkward in front of the camera too, but you're such a pretty lady you have nothing to worry about :)

  3. Pink makes me happy too! Great color on you for sure!

  4. Julie, you are stunning. Pink looks fabulous on you too! I have found myself being drawn to pink more than ever this past year!
    Looking forward to seeing more outfit posts:)

  5. ladies, thank you! truly! hoping to be a little more creative with the photos in the future!


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