In A Funk?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You know those days that you're just not feeling so great? Yeah, funks, that's what I call them.  Well, on those days I think it's important that you

1 - acknowledge that it's a funk and that it will pass 
2 - go into your closet and wear your favourite shoes/top/jewels/pants/dress, whatever it may be.

For me on this particular day I immediately went for my sequin top from Joe Fresh.  Ahhh yes, nothing like some sequins to pick you right up.

I'm really going to have to find a better spot in the house to take these style posts until I can get outside.  I know that I could take the photos outside, but I just don't really feel like getting pneumonia right now, so I'll stick with taking them indoors until the temps warm up a bit...right, okay so the photos.....

top - joe fresh
jeans - lucky brand
watch - baby g
boots - aldo

When you're wearing a top with lots of sequins, I don't really think that you need to wear a necklace, but that's just my opinion.  These are another one of my favourite pairs of boots.  Although, they tend to make me look short, then again, I am...anyhow yes, I love them because they have a flat sole, so I can wear them all day. Total perk!




  1. Cute outfit. And I'm liking the simple punch of color from the watch.

  2. I think Joe Fresh and I would be best friends if I lived near one. What a gorgeous top! And that pop of pink is perfect. I usually where bright pink to get me out of a funk as well;)
    Thanks for linking up Julie!

  3. Ooooo i do like that top!! found you via IHOD :)


  4. What a fun top! and that hot pink watch is so cute too! found you via IHOD as well!:) {not stalking you Camille, promise!}:)

  5. Adele, thanks missy! The watch is part of me now, I wear it all of the time, perhaps a little too much! Anna, I love how they offer such a mix of wonderful items, you really can't go wrong! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments Camille and Jillian!!! Happy to have you here!

  6. That top is really adorable! I love that it has both sequins and stripes! :)

    star-crossed smile


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